Fable HD not in development for PC

GameSpot: "Lionhead Studios says PC version not ruled out, but it is not in development at present."

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mep692056d ago

The only good Fable game made and it's not coming to PC (atm). Good call ¬_¬.

RedDeadLB2056d ago

That's bullshit. They must release this on PC. After all, the original was on PC and that's definitely the only good game in the entire series. Give it a go Lionhead, you definitely won't lose anything with it.

aquamala2056d ago

an actual remake or would it look like HD collection games that are technically "HD" but barely look like current gen games?

TheSurg2056d ago

Yes an actual remake and it looks better than fable 3. You can view screenshots on OXM UK site. It looks great! I believe it uses unreal 3 engine that made fable the journey look so good (compared to other fable games)

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