Lik-Sang hits back at Sony following court judgement

Lik-Sang has hit back at Sony after a judge ruled that the online retailer had breached copyright laws by importing Japanese PSP units into Europe.
Marketing manager Pascal Clarysse commented, "Fighting multiple lawsuits in different countries at the same time and paying high premiums to expensive lawyers is an overwhelming situation for a small company like Lik-Sang.

"Launching separate court actions with separate claims and different judges is completely unnecessary, except for the fact that it helps reaching one single target: outspend Lik-Sang to death."

Clarysse went on to refute Sony's assertions that the sale of import PSPs is having an impact on its business, stating, "Contrary to their claim, I don't believe they are suffering 'losses and damages' through Lik-Sang's activity".

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PS360PCROCKS5887d ago

wow sony is just making friends right and left these days...

PS360WII5887d ago

Is boo-hoo. Can't pay for the crime then don't do it. Honestly, they knew what they were doing and still did it. Sony called them on it and bam now they have to pay for it.