Sneak into buildings and play games with Gamestick

Gamestick releases a new trailer attempting to get you hype about their portable USB gaming thingy.

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punisher991960d ago

Whats up with the stupid looking controller with that analog stick above that D-pad like that?

optimus1960d ago

i can already do that with my phone...just plug the usb cable into whatever screen accepts i normally carry around a usb cable? but it's usually plugged into my car for charging so i can use that if i ever have a need to want to play on a big screen which is hardly ever...
the only advantage (if you want to call it that) is it has a physical controller and mine is a touchscreen; but on the other hand it plays more than just games.

neogeo1960d ago

This is Gay. Even if it's not gay. It some how put penis inside it's bung or mouth.

Tapani1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


You are the one talking about where to put male organs.

Here we were, talking about game stick and you just had to turn it to a discussion of personal sexual preferences. Perhaps you ought to do some introspection..?


Gamestick, however, seems like a cool idea. If that thing would be beefed up in the next generations, I can see it finding a cult following, much like Ouya.

It's a big market and these new products are testing it. We can see how much the industry has truly changed by measuring the sales and cultural consumption of nifty tech like this.

Personally, I'm more of an RPG fan, and I doubt this machine will get those epic 2d or 3d adventures. As a social gamer, however, I would consider this a fun option before going to a bar, or even if in the bar you have a TV and not too many customers, maybe people can start playing in public with Gamestick.

This could spread the gaming culture even further from those small screens to big public screen!