Horror game Daylight on PS4 will take pictures of you the exact moment a scare happens

A super fun feature was announced today for Daylight, a psychological thriller/horror game from Zombie Studios. It will capture the exact moment a scare happens in the game using the PS Eye camera. You can keep these photos as a novelty or if you’re brave enough share them with your friends on social networks.

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Mr_Nuts3462d ago

I'm guessing you don't have to have the camera though since it's apparently optional.

Makasu3462d ago

Of course it's optional, it would be crazy to have a MANDATORY camera on you at all times, right Microsoft? :D

abzdine3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

haha this feature sounds like fun.. i'd live to see this feature implemented in Siren PS3 my wife was jumping 20feet everytime sth happened or we got detected :D

but notice while MS are struggling with their DRM policy, Sony is revealing some aspects of their games :D

aCasualGamer3462d ago

Since it's optional, might as well give this feature a try. If it was a forced feature, i would pass.

darthv723462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

the number of youtube vids that get posted from this game of it scaring the crap (literally) out of people?

all the more reason to have the camera attached. you never know what you are going to see in peoples reactions.

aceitman3462d ago

Your comment! LMAO

shoddy3462d ago

Burn out paradises have that feature when you crash by opponent

baodeus3462d ago

why use the camera, you aren't afraid it gonna search around your house when you turn it on to take pictures? If i were you, i wouldn't used it at all (never turn them on for any reason)

baodeus3461d ago

so it is ok with Sony using camera, but nto so for MS. I forgot, i'm on n4g. I'm sorry. I gues it is about time to get with the program, SONYYYYYYYYYYYY FTW baby.

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Wizziokid3462d ago

Well you don't need it no, even if you have it you can unplug it

Darrius Cole3462d ago

It may be required for the game.

OhMyGandhi3462d ago

chances are it's not going to be a face that shows up.

marinelife93462d ago

HA! That sounds freakin awesome!

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monkey6023462d ago

Something similar to burnout paradise i would imagine. Completely optional. It could be funny

darkhitman3462d ago

just what i was thinking loved that feature i had my camera setup so that is showed my Yoda finger with a bong and smoke, Im sure it back fired and got me takendown more, i also remember making a 9-12 year old cry

monkey6023462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Double post

mrmancs3462d ago

Ha ha excellent idea... I nearly got caught in a ghost train camera with my girl friend when I was younger she was just finishing ... And the camera just missed it... :-)
I'll let you guy's guess what she was doing..

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