Walking Dead vines are 400 Days DLC, what do you want out of Season 2? Writes: "With E3 creeping up we here at GamersBliss are crazy excited to see what this next evolution of gaming is going to bring. This past year we have seen some amazing titles and a real shift in gaming to more character-driven stories that connect with gamers in ways we haven’t seen before. One of the most profound gaming relationships we had the privilege of seeing was that of Lee and Clementine in Telltale Games‘ “The Walking Dead“.

Well, over the past few days, Telltale Games has been releasing short teasers on Vine..."

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Wizziokid1960d ago

Season 2 for me just needs to continue the story of Clementine and make the episodes longer, or add more episodes.

It will be day one either way

Captain Qwark 91960d ago

i agree but i hope they make deeper game play too or an option to just make it auto play with the decisions when i am asked. the game play was stupid and shallow. the story was amazing though so i kept playing

TheSuperior 1960d ago

Season 2 needs to be a continuation. Clem was so neat I am very curious about her but I couldn't see her trying to survive in her own

evilkillerk1960d ago

The last season seemed to be good so the second season will hopefully follow in its footsteps

Dissidia1960d ago

More Walking Dead is always welcomed. I hope we do see Clementine again in Season 2, even if only briefly.

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