Microsoft is the Hero Gaming Deserves (Wink)

Chris Lohr: It’s been just over two weeks since the Xbox One reveal. These two weeks will surely go down in console war history; I don’t know how long it’s been since Nintendo and Sony fans gave up arguing and joined together to laugh at Microsoft fans. According to Microsoft, lots of this hatred for the console was due to misinformation. To an extent, they were right: there were different answers to lots of key issues. Last night, these issues were cleared up by one giant Microsoft press release which anyone can read right here. Now that the issue with internet connection and used games has been settled, it’s time to stop hating Microsoft. They’re going to make gaming in the future a whole lot better.

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NewMonday3759d ago

LOL @(Wink)

"The team over at Xbox scoured the internet, looking for every possible negative rumor about the next generation. This research was then used to implement the worst features into a console, and release it to an uninterested consumer base"

Bigpappy3758d ago

You guys are either trying to be entertaining or just misguided by your hatred.

Minus the 24 hour check-in, M$ is actually offering a better deal for gamers, than what is currently on the 360 or the PS3. The sharing with family saves me wayyyy more money that selling my use games, and they have enable ways to still sell used games just gave that power of control to the Publishers.

If you can transfer and sell your digital license in the same manner this will be a huge win for the future of Digital Downloads. Currently there is no way to share or sell DD games. So this will give you more rights over your purchase in the near future. I bought more content via download that I did disk based using my 360 and PC. Disks are quickly going the way of CD's for music. Even with out DMR, the hard copy business was going to take a serious hit anyway.

I suggest you guy calm down a bit and seriously give this proposal by M$ another look. This could be a huge win across the industry. That's right (including 'Steam' and 'PSN').

ArnoldSchwarzenigra3758d ago

At the risk of also sounding misguided, are you serious? How much is Microsoft paying you?

One4U3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

@ Bigpappy ,, no, they have made a simple " put disk in and play " to a whole new level ! alot of people prefer consoles over pc due to the ease of access and use !

pr0t0typeknuckles3758d ago

whos your drug dealer cause i need some of the stuff you smoking.

AsimLeonheart3758d ago

Looks like the rumours about MS hiring people to post positive comments about Xbox One and put a positive spin on negative news on popular online forums is true.

SilentNegotiator3758d ago

Only one of the top 10 Xtrolls of N4G would call DRM a win and also downplay the 24 hour check ins.

How about you just keep your delusion to yourself and the other 9 top "poor helpless, victimized, innocent xbox gamer" friends? Because those are the only people you're fooling.

Pro Racer3758d ago

Brilliant article, the only thing that MS can do to make the Xbox One any less compelling to buy than it is now would be increasing the price of Live - I'm still waiting for that announcement.

iceman063757d ago

It's not's just good sense. Any sentence that starts with MS ALLOWS or YOU CAN in connection with something that you pay for pretty much takes away the very thing that you pay for...ownership!!! I am NOT arguing that DD is the future. But, I am saying that this is not some high minded idea by MS to bring us the future now to elevate the industry. It's really's about control and money...nothing more. I am not down on a business making money. After all, that is what they are supposed to do. I just hate the idea of being exploited continually at the expense of a company that could care less about me as a consumer. That goes for ANY company whether it be MS, Sony, Nintendo, Apple, etc.

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DxTrixterz3759d ago

Microsoft hero for publishers and enemy for us gamers. Who the hell is meant to be X1 for? Us gamers and customers or publishers?

windblowsagain3758d ago

I See sheep buying xbone, closely followed by more sheep who get sold by advertising.

RedHawkX3758d ago

im a wolf (training day) im not buying no xbone. im getting the ps4 and wii u!!

SirBradders3758d ago

Exactly i all ive seen since the reveal of the X1 is adverts about microsoft putting privacy first etc... that's false advertising when requiring a 24hr check in service because the more your connected to something the increase in odds of being subject to hacks and virus's theoretically.

solidworm3758d ago

Totally awesome article, props man. OT if you buy this steaming pile of wank you deserve it. Its made for non gamers and MS apologists, no one else need apply.

from the beach3758d ago

"anyone who buys one is a blind, idiotic consumer"

Stay classy! (wink)

kneon3758d ago

Unfortunately most consumers fall into that category.

They will only find out the issues once they try to do something they always took for granted, like lending a game to someone. Then they will find out that what should be trivial is now fraught with complications and restrictions.

Seafort3758d ago

Lets hope they learn from the error of their ways and never buy an Xbox again.

Sheep are just wolves without knowledge :) Once that knowledge is out there in the mainstream MS will have a hard time selling their TV remote :)

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