'Wii-beating' motion-sensing tech revealed

CVG made an interesting visit this week to check out the unique wireless motion sensor system 'codename fusion', a multiplatform device from In2Games that allows true motion sensor tracking in a 3D space.

The device works using sound waves and other technical wizardry, and is able to track the precise absolute position and orientation of various wireless accessories, such as golf clubs, tennis racquets, baseball bats and bowling balls.

Comparisons to the Nintendo Wii are inevitable, but after going hands-on with fusion CVG found that it offers a much more advanced means of control than Nintendo's forthcoming console. Unlike Wii, fusion is able to accurately track movements even when the controller is not pointed directly at the screen, so the precise swing of a club is recreated perfectly.

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unleash bass5884d ago

If these gadgets are made and implemented on PS3 & 360, then Nintendo could be in serious trouble.

Capt CHAOS5884d ago

Unless it's out there and a standard part of a console it's not beating anything..

As for golf clubs.. I don't care.. I just want it to track the gun I'm pointing at a screen..

THWIP5884d ago

"Wii-beating"...oh, that's rich. :p

malachi235884d ago

The WII's BEST feature has been beaten allready!...haha so what's the point in buying the GC 1.5...i mean wii then?.

unleash bass5884d ago

No point, not if you can buy Zelda for GC.


sounds a lot better than the wii, but i think once the RSI stories start, the wiimote could be in trouble anyway...

BIadestarX5884d ago

Now this is what I call true innovation. The best part of all is, "multiplatform device"... too bad most games will not support it. Eventhough I noticed in some instaces where people don't actully mind having to buy/have a separate input device on games like guitar hero.

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