The Last of Us: Three new gameplay videos - crafting, stealth, collectibles

Check out a walkthrough and three new gameplay videos from The Last of Us.

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halocursed2012d ago

Not gonna watch these...I want my experience to be fresh.

fardan852012d ago

No need to watch, i'm just so happy that the game will be on shelves in my country.. I'm getting it within 4 hours..

Clover9042012d ago

What, really? Luuucckkyyy...

fardan852012d ago

Not much lucky, it will cost me around $72, or wait few days and get it for $59.
I think I'll wait, I can not tolerate this kind of behavior from sellers.
It's killing me :(

-Mezzo-2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Been playing it since yesterday morning, It's Amazing So Far.

Almost 50% done.

Fishermenofwar2012d ago

Hey Buuddddddyyyyyyy....Long time know here from you...

Hey I heard you have a new game...can I come and play....

Can I has yo numba????


-Mezzo-2012d ago

On 1 condition,.The 6-Pack is on you.

SonyNGP2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Just got my copy!

@-Mezzo- Oh man!

-Mezzo-2012d ago

Prepare to witness one of the best Video Game opening you have ever seen.

TheDarpaChief2012d ago

how did you order it? Like amazon, best buy, etc?

DigitalRaptor2011d ago

@ Mezzo

I heard about that intro. Someone on Neogaf mentioned that it's better than the intro to God of War 3.

How did you get hold of your's so early?

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TheDarpaChief2012d ago

Why the disagree? Omran is obviously a fan (Avatar says that)

Omran2012d ago

They don't even know what
i mean except you lol

I mean i will get the game today or
tomorrow so i don't want to watch any
footage of this masterpiece

whatever i don't give a damn shit about
thumbs up and down . . it's up to them

Thank you buddy

sparta762012d ago

I hate you guys!!!
I have to wait till the 14th

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