NSA Domestic Spying Program Makes Xbox One Even Scarier

The government has been spying on US citizens by tapping into the servers of American tech giants according to The Guardian—so much for making privacy a priority.

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Catoplepas2049d ago

Just rename it Xbox One-O-One and be done with it.

TrevorPhillips2049d ago

Or the Xbox All Seeing Eye.

Sandmano2049d ago

LMAO! Im not sure if you meant it or have seen this before but the first thing to come to mind was Sauron from LOTR he calls himself the all seeing eye and I found this too! xD

SpinalRemains2048d ago

Well yeah.

To even consider this ominous corporate Trojan horse as a gaming console is akin to calling a serial rapist a hopeless romantic.

It is all very bad, and if we support it, it will change the entire landscape of gaming to all media.

Critical thinking has never been more important. Apathy courts evil, everyone. Get involved by not buying it.

golding892048d ago

Believe me Millions of people will buy it.