Deadpool Hands On impressions | LevelOne

Activision and Marvel have entrusted this to High Moon Studios for the job of bringing this character to life in a way that could only fit Deadpool. This game has a very familiar style of play, as many third person action shooters do. You will be able to upgrade weapons for more moves and stronger attacks. Some of the key differences is the franticness and ability to chain all sorts of combos and attacks together.

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showtimefolks2050d ago

i know this game isn't gonna get no 9/10, but this looks like a lot of fun and i will most likely pick this up during summer

finally a super hero game that's actually making fun of itself and isn't taking everything so serious

sometimes people look over the most important feature of a game and that's FUN

ltachiUchiha2047d ago

Yup i definitely agree mate.

wastedcells2049d ago

Ya this game is growing on me. Think ill grab it. Does look fun. Going to be my first game after last of us. See what happens....