Publishers quiet over Xbox One pre-owned intentions

MCV asked. They've not answered.

Microsoft last night finally announced its pre-owned plans. It's not blocking pre-owned. It's not even charging for pre-owned.
The responses?

Bethesda – Has not announced any Xbox One games yet, so 'not offering a comment at this point in time'
Capcom – Also has yet to announce any Xbox One games so ""We’ve nothing to comment on at this moment in time."
Activision – No comment
Ubisoft – 'Politely' declined to comment
Namco Bandai – Declined to comment

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mikeboccher1960d ago

no comment b/c they are still trying to figure out how to tell us they plan on going dry balls deep on us and make it seem like we're the benefactor

Godmars2901960d ago

No. They're pointing the "He Did It!" finger back at MS after MS pointed it at them.

mind you, they likely thought of it first, with MS figuring out how to do it.

FAT MAN GO BOOM1960d ago

Screw them... either this goes away or I will become a retro gamer and eventually abandon the gaming Hobby... all together...

It is not just DRM, it is the BS Camera forced on to consumers... This is going to be used to MS listening and using it for DATA MINING your conversations and video.


Stop the census machine...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1960d ago

One thing kinda bothers me with the Kinect. They say it's not listening UNLESS you say "Xbox on" does it know you say that unless it's always listening?

Minato-Namikaze1960d ago

Makes no sense at all to me. One of the journalists needs to ask MS that question.

darthv721960d ago

it uses selective hearing. I have the same feature as i dont really listen to my wife unless she says the right thing to get my attention.

DOMination-1960d ago

The big question is; Will Sony lose support of these third parties if they don't offer a similar service?

Majin-vegeta1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Question is would those 3rd parties be willing to give up millions of customers just to make it on one platform cuz Sony decided not to follow suit??

@Fat man.
Try this :P.

Minato-Namikaze1960d ago

Holy$h!t. Is that controller comfortable to use?

darthv721960d ago

chances are those same companies would do the same thing on both platforms. Sony said its up to them, Ms says its up to them.

So activision and EA and whoever can implement the idea now that they have the support of the platform holders (namely Ms and sony)

COD or Battlefield or whatever high profile 3rd party game that comes out will sell regardless of the policy because people will do whatever is needed to play it.

joeorc1960d ago

think what you are asking for a min.

"The big question is; Will Sony lose support of these third parties if they don't offer a similar service? "

Can 3rd party publisher's just keep hold of their software, and not sell it on as many platforms as they can? yes , but is it wise do do so with your investor's ? No... 3RD party software publisher's sell software! that's the Idea, is it not. what would DRM of this sort do any good if Sony still GETS 2nd TIER CHOICE FOR dlc WHILE mICROSOFT GET'S FIRST CHOICE? That is the point it would be no incentive at all.

EA will not ignore the playstation Platform as long as its sell well! Mass Effect is proof of that, if porting was not good, for the bottom line why do it?

It is all about the Money, If Sony said we can wait for your COD : DLC would EA refuse to sell COD: on the next playstation? when the PS3 has no DRM restriction in place already?

Its pretty much common sense at this point EA will give Microsoft preference, but its by no means going to break the point of not releasing the game on the PS4 also without such restrictive DRM. EA needs Sony's platform's just as much as they need Microsoft's. and Vice versa, BUT AS FOR ea AND OTHER 3RD PARTY PUBLISHER'S TRYING TO FORCE DRM ON THE ps4 BY DEFAULT, DO NOT BET ON IT. THEY ALL NEED SONY, JUST AS THEY ALSO NEED NINTENDO JUST AS MUCH AS MICROSOFT.

Mr_Nuts1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Thats what I was thinking

I mean Microsoft has pretty much forced Sony to do this in a bussiness sense. Theres only so much Sony can do for us gamers but something like this is huge, they know if they don't get involved some how then developers will start giving the Xbox One more stuff, thats why I think Sony are leaving it up to the publishers with DRM, they want us to complain enough to them so they are put off doing it. If companies know we don't want it if we complain enough then developers won't see the point sticking with MS on this.

Hopefully if developers do give MS better stuff for the Xbox One, sales will be better still on the PS4 and it would overall send the message to the developers that what they are doing is pointless

One4U1959d ago

@ domination , no they wont ! Theres a huge PS fanbase and ignoring them will pretty much half their sales ! thats more money lost compared to used sales !

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solidmic1960d ago

I'll answer for them. Any charges for pre-owned, from publishers and/or console makers and gaming will be part of my past!!! Simple as that. I'm not the type of person who doesn't know when he is being f*ucked up the a**, nor the kind to say I'll gladly give you more of my money, even if you f*ck me up the a**!!!!

They have already been doing this to gamers this whole generation with day 1 DLC, charging for extra costumes, online pass, broken games and on and on! It's seriously time for gamers to grow a pair and say enough of this sh*t. See how fast the gaming industry would change their tune and come crawling back. Consumers have all the power, yet are just too fuc*en stupid to use it!!! Fuc*en pathetic!!!!

One4U1959d ago

To this day i havent bought a DLC ! i really dont see the point in getting one !

fardan851960d ago

I hope Gamers will abandon any publishers/ console maker who try to force restrictions on games. It doesn't matter if it's your fav dev/console, we have to stand for our rights.
I say it now, Let's not support the evil corp.

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