Microsoft claims the Xbox One controller is the best yet

GAMES CONSOLE MAKER Microsoft is continuing its run up to the E3 games show with more details about its Xbox One console, its hardware, and its terms and conditions.

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Sandmano4027d ago

Well the USB cable that charges the controller sounds like the killer feature...

Hellsvacancy4027d ago

I was really surprised yesterday when I learnt that the 360 controller is powered by throw away batteries, I honestly thought it charged the same way as my PS3 controller, my toothbrush is kinda powered the same way

Just another example of how old skool the 360 is in terms of tech

xHeavYx4027d ago

Controller charged by USB is something that my PS3 does. I think a battery powered controller is a thing of the past at this point

GameCents4027d ago

Lol. Nobody believes you. Looking at your comment history and the number of times you've trolled xbox articles, I seriously doubt you didn't know that 360 uses both AA and its own rechargeable battery pack.

4026d ago
Qrphe4026d ago

They only reduced the deadzoning on the sticks by 20-25% (from what IGN says), so even the stick precision of that controller is behind the DS3.

greenpowerz4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Xbox 360 and xbox One has the option to use batteries and battery packs. Complaining about it is as about as stupid as complaining about being able to charge a cellphone with a wall Jack or with other USB devices

Are you guys complaining that xbox controllers come with the battery case standard?

I've had two xbox 360 controllers where the battery pack would not hold its charge after a while. Swapped the battery pack without having to replace the controller. My Harmony One comes with a removable battery pack for this very reason. Lots a new devices simply use rechargeable AA and AAA lithium batteries now(way better option for getting better deals and buying the batteries you want)

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Gazondaily4027d ago

No need to troll like that.

This is the one thing that MS appear to have done really well. The 360 controller was brilliant and this looks like another improvement. The vibrate feature on the triggers could be put to great use.

Sandmano4027d ago

What? whos trolling? Its a really neat feature...

Gazondaily4027d ago


Come on mate...you're not fooling anyone ;)

boybato4027d ago

Vivo on the triggers? Mmmm... sounds hardcore, although I doubt if it makes that much of a ''gaming experience'' difference.

AngelicIceDiamond4026d ago

Well N4G is PlayStation land.


Almost nobody is capable of staying on topic or coming up with realistic coherent thoughts. They have to act like children. I'm surprised half the comments didn't get marked down for immaturity.

Anyway the new Xbox is controller looks and sounds like its made for the core. Finally a newly designed D-pad. better mapping with A, Y, X, B. individual motors within the triggers hopefully its as comfortable as ever.

From the sounds of it, this controller can't disappoint.

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tigertom534026d ago

I love the controller but hate the online policy, all you should need is a disk to play or verify...

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F4sterTh4nFTL4027d ago

Totally agree, the left stick is in the correct position for Driving Games and Shooters and the D-Pad is now great for Fighting Games. The Dual Shock 4 would be great too but Sony refuses to move the left stick to the better position just because Xbox did it first.

xHeavYx4027d ago

I grew up with the Dualshock, there is no need to move the left stick

Insomnia_844026d ago

It looks disorganized and feels weird the Xbox Controller.

Walker4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

It would be best controller if there was no Dual Shock 4!

GameCents4026d ago

Ha ha ha, good one, ds4.
.oh, you were being serious?

Shok4026d ago

We haven't even got our hands on it yet...........

GreenRanger4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

But I thought I was the controller?!

Make up your damn mind, Microsoft.

Wintersun6164026d ago

MS + consumer in control does not compute.

eyeDEVOUR4026d ago

I agree that xbox1 via " DRM and konnect" have the best consumer rights control on the market...