The Xbox One Might Let Sony's PS4 Win By Default

Last night, Microsoft MSFT +0.5% dumped a pile of information into our laps about some of the more controversial specifics of the Xbox One. We heard confirmation about its practices for always on, used game resale, and game ownership in general. Some of the highlights:

Sandmano4030d ago

All will be revealed June 11th

buddymagoo4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

I don't think MS has a chance... first charging for online play and now all this "always connected" stuff.

I don't understand how anyone would want one over a PS4???

Sandmano4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

11th For me :(

abzdine4030d ago

everything is obvious already. Now all i care about is when PS4 and PS4 games i want are releasing.

morganfell4030d ago

If they keep taking this tact their arrogance will bury them. Did this guy actually think no one would realize he is a MS employee.


JoySticksFTW4030d ago

@ buddymagoo

"I don't think MS has a chance"

Dude, MS has mismanaged Xbone spectacularly so far.

But when MS marketing is on, you see crap like Kinect explode

jmac534030d ago

@buddymagoo I am pretty sure Sony is going to have similar policies. Right now they are staying quiet and letting MS take the brunt of all the rage. And before you say that executives from Sony said otherwise, remember that MS was saying the same thing until this clarification.

n4g_someone4030d ago

Ya man, timing differences.

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One4U4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

i wouldnt say default , but if ms have a great E3 then it could change ! but we shouldnt forget sony , they have heaps of 1st party devs and with destiny reveal , sony looks like their gonna have a killer E3 !
Lets not also forget the bad practices MS has !
June 11 in AU

brich2334030d ago

Yeah but somehow some gamers manage to base what console thier going to buy based on Xbox Ones Used game policy, and 24hr Drm.

TomOfAllTrades4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Yer but E3 isn't going to dismiss the problems many gamers will face with the Xbox One, so saying the E3 date isn't going to magically make it better because MS might possibly show some decent games. That isn't going to fix anything; the problem still lies with that off policy's Microsoft that have been put in place.

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ricochetmg4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

At this point if you are buying a xbox one you are truly a xbot and a loser. It is not in our best interest as gamera to purchase a console that allows these practices. That goes the same for sony.

One4U4030d ago

even if ms have heaps of games , the practices they have is a huge turn off

mega314030d ago

Your attacking people just because they choose whatever console they like?

I like the XboxOne, and PS4 ill be getting both, does that make me an Xbot and a loser?

Choose your words wisely, This is the future, the PlayStation will have something like this in the future.

Don't attack people, the playstation isnt god, its just a console and so is the Xbox One

SpinalRemains4030d ago

It won't have anything like this if we don't support this crap now. That's the point. By supporting Xbox, you're part of the problem.

Like a neighbor who puts out pizza for raccoons, ruining the block.

This has to be a collective effort in order to take our rights back. For fuck sake, man....Halo is not a sufficient gain to all these losses. Really. Christ I don't understand why so many gamers are apathetic or just stubborn. Why?

ricochetmg4030d ago

You telling me you brand a turd with a xbox on it you will buy it. That makes you clearly a fool.

Karpetburnz4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

When you're unfamiliar with world class gaming from Sony, it's only natural for these people to be misguided, but don't worry some day they will find a place for Sony in their hearts and they to will indulge and experience our loving community, thank you Sony.

mochachino4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

I'm definitely getting PS4 first but ill eventually get X-1 when it's around 200-250 dollars. I kind of hate MS business practices and think they've f'd up rogally since Kinect came out but I love Halo games and I've always had both consoles since Sega Master Sytem and NES days.

Last gen I bought 360 first, then PS3 after my 360 broke (5 times actually). I ended up getting a 360 Slim later on (mass effect game saves, gears, etc.) but PS3 has been my main console for a while now. Mass Effect is multiplat now and Gears is shit andI also refuse to pay for Live because its sets a terrible precedent IMO.

Ill likely end up building a gaming PC down the road too. Can't help it, I think I'm addicted to gaming. I'd hate for there to be only One console maker, gamers would get screwed but I do think MS need to be taught a lesson on how not to treat consumers like sht.

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SonicRush154030d ago

Seems like it. For me even if they show me games I probably won't get the console basically because of all the rumours that were confirmed yesterday.

Gildarts4030d ago

No it didn't. Rumors said that they were going to charge a fee for used games.
Rumors also said that you wouldn't be able to give your friend a game.

Lending and renting will come in the future.

But now I see why they want you to connect every 24 hours.

Respawns game titanfall uses the cloud for it's AI and some other small things.

Also being able to go to a friends house and access your entire library without a disc is awesome.

Also 10 people in your family can access and play your entire games library. There must be some sort of catch to that one though. it would mean that I can buy battlefield 4 for example and we would all be able to enjoy it.

Maybe there is a limit to the games you can share. Even so it's still awesome.

SonicRush154030d ago

I stand corrected on those first 2 rumors. But even so isn't it a bit strange that the lend and renting thing isn't something you can do at launch?

Wintersun6164030d ago


There's a word for that kind of strange. Damage control.

SpinalRemains4030d ago

Don't forget about if the internet foes down for whatever reason, Xbox will allow you to watch your TV!


Caffo014030d ago

"Also 10 people in your family can access and play your entire games library. There must be some sort of catch to that one though. it would mean that I can buy battlefield 4 for example and we would all be able to enjoy it. "

mhh.. i think 9 ppl have to log in your account to play.. so if 1 is playing the other 9 can't play it.That's my assumption.

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ooquis4030d ago

Default??Default jou neus deur my hol jou poes!

MysticStrummer4030d ago

Wow Forbes is usually pro-MS from what I've seen.