PS4 will debut below $400 says analyst

Sterne Agee's Arvind Bhatia says Sony has learned its lesson from PS3, believes Nintendo in a "tough spot."

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Sandmano4024d ago

I am Thinking $429 For some reason

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4024d ago

Very odd number.
I was thinking $449.99 USD

abzdine4024d ago

i'm thinking 399 console only and controller and 449 for bundle with PSeye and second controller or bigger DD.

One4U4024d ago

$500 max would be sweet ! anything below is a win for me !

Anon19744024d ago

Sounds like most analysts now are predicting a price of $400 or below that. I'm hoping for $350 myself. Strategically, a $350 price puts the PS4 at the same rough price as the Wii-U, and gives it an advantage over the Xbox One which has to include the cost of the bundled Kinect. When you consider that's only $50 off the current price of a 4GB Xbox 360 and Kinect, it certainly makes the PS4 an attractive value prospect.

I guess we'll find out soon enough. The PS3 price was shown at E3. I don't see why Sony wouldn't give the PS4 price next week.

kingmushroom4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

hoping for it to be like $349.99 or $400, because my total would be like what evere the cost is + Tax which is $35-40 on top of the original cost. -__- fukn hate tax.

Trunkz4024d ago

$400 to $500

This is fair.

socks4024d ago

You know, random comments are whales.

3-4-54024d ago

PS4 - $400
XB1 - $450 - could include payment package to get price down to $350-399

Wii U - price drop to $250-300

* Games will help Wii U and in the end it will be alright.

* Sony has a loyal following and will sell well now that they seem to have addressed a whole generations worth of problems.

* XB1 - I love xbox.....but 95% of what microsoft has shown me or stated truly annoys me as a gamer.

I'm a gamer first before anything. I play all types of games on multiple platforms when I can afford it.

I'm very concerned that Microsoft is now completely out of touch with our reality.

Game4life4024d ago

agreed :) Bubbles to you sir

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Gran Touring4024d ago

$400 would be a sweet price, though I wouldn't be too troubled with paying ~$450.

Starbucks_Fan4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Around 400 would be day 1 for me. Crazy how that was how much I paid for my 40GB PS3 5 years ago.

manman64024d ago

If it debut under 400 dollars my wallet will be so happy.

TrevorPhillips4024d ago

My estimate price is around $400 to $450

Dno4024d ago

this system will be 400 bucks no more no less. its not even gonna be close to the 500 and 600 dollars that the ps3 was. and Sony better look at this M$ shit that's going on and go the complete other way.