NGamer: Mario Kart Wii Review

It's not enough to deny the game the accolades it deserves for formula tweaks and for finally kicking off Wi-Fi Wii as it should be done, but Nintendo rarely disappoint like this. For all their moves that have baffled long-term fans - namely the casual gaming shift - this is their first decision NGamer are truly uneasy with. What a shame it should arrive in an otherwise delightful package.

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PS360WII5670d ago

Looking good should be a fun game to play

ItsDubC5670d ago

Maybe the disagreers finally came to the realization that a game that looks good isn't necessarily fun?

Mario Kart is rarely not fun in my opinion tho.

ChickeyCantor5670d ago (Edited 5670d ago )

i think they disagreed because he said " looking good", i could be wrong but i bet he meant the game as a whole.
thats why i think the disagrees were, again, blind XD

PS360WII5670d ago

Ah that could of been it Sidar... hmm well 'this is looking insanly fun' :) How's that switch?

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TwissT5670d ago

Woah Pacman is in Mario Kart Wii? I never knew he was a Nintendo character.

KeiZka5670d ago

Mario Kart Arcade GP 1&2, those he was in. Not otherwise..


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badboyz09175d ago

Lego 2K Drive next month looking‎️‍🔥 ‎️‍🔥 ‎️‍🔥


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ZeekQuattro696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

Always remember Polygon's take on MK 8 and how it would end up being worse selling entry in franchise history. Oof. MK 8 deluxe is going to have one hell of a holiday. You know that Switch bundle is coming back.

Sgt_Slaughter696d ago

Polygon having a bad take? Sounds 100% accurate to me.

Inverno696d ago

Baffles me that they haven't made any new dlc for this, and yet they focus on the mobile game smh

meganick696d ago

I can only imagine that the Mario Kart devs have been hard at work on the follow-up to 8, hence why it got no dlc.

Inverno696d ago

We can only assume that they'll show something next year if they are working on the next game. With the way Ninty has been announcing games close to their release they don't leave room for any leaked info

--Onilink--696d ago

Its not like its the same developer. The one working on the mobile game isnt even a Nintendo developer