Next-gen Cricket screens

It's an acquired taste (especially if you're American) but the new Brian Lara cricket game from Codemasters is packing more official equipment than JJB and Lillywhites combined.

Aside from Lara wielding something called the MRF Wizard 400 bat (sounds like something from WarCraft), you'll also be able to protect yourself from that concrete ball with licensed pads, arm-guards, gloves, helmets, and the wicket-keeper pads and gloves from specialists like MRF, Kookaburra, Dukes, Gray Nicholls, GM (Gunn & Moore), Morrant, Newbery, Slazenger and Albion. We've heard of about two of them...

The game's due next March, but check out these 360 shots. They'll knock you for six!

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Capt CHAOS5891d ago

And make it slightly non-boring..

Yo Wassap5890d ago

Oh well might go and take a look at the weather...

sa739175890d ago

Now there's a BORING game....

I know plenty of people who'll be keen to pick this one up - they just happen to come from countries that play cricket!

They're the same people who don't comment "that'll be boring" when EA releases a new baseball game. We didn't grow up with it but we're happy for you guys to enjoy it and its "World" Series *giggle*..

aahenry5890d ago

This game my not be big in North America, but it will be big in europe and India. I am from the west indies and I will get this game for sure.

Yo Wassap5890d ago

And how many people have a 360 in India do you think?

(the weather bit is from what the comentators do in matches)

ronscrote5889d ago

and booming economy I should think theres a lot of 360's been sold there. Why shouldn't there be?