Xbox One: Consumer Rights? Who Gives A Damn

Dealspwn: "The sad fact is that Microsoft will be perfectly happy for the Xbox One to be the Call of Duty, FIFA, and Halo console. Most of the people who buy it won't care about the connectivity features, and the metrics will probably suggest that the largest proportion of Microsoft audience are those who play the same three games online with their mates, on the same console, year in and year out, and watch ESPN religiously. The Xbone Reveal was targeted at the same demographic as Smart TVs might have: affluent, engaged, and connected."

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Aceman181959d ago

man it's a good thing those 3 games aren't my favorite games, and i don't have to spend my hard earned money on this crazy system.

cleft51959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

This move on Microsoft part has put us in a situation where we now have to decide if we are okay with supporting a console that ultimately kills consumer rights. I am not for that, so I am not buying one. Vote with your wallet and all that. I think that this is the future, but I refuse to be one of the people that helped create this bleak future.

The last thing I want is gamers 40 or 50 years from now to be asking themselves why they have to put up with so much bullshit and know that I was one of those reasons. I really hope other core gamers put aside their console loyalties and look at the much bigger picture. Honestly, the used game thing isn't a huge deal to me, neither is the 24 hour check-in. But I know those things are a huge deal for many other gamers for a very important reason. So I am going to do my part and not buy a Xbox One. It really sucks that Microsoft pulled this stuff.

ricochetmg1959d ago

It starts here I agree. We must say NO. With our money and not just over the internet.

MysticStrummer1959d ago

I have a feeling these new MS policies will really motivate hackers like Anonymous to make an example out of them.

cleft51959d ago

Make no doubt about it, this console will be hacked. One reason will be to remove DRM and the other reason will be to constantly bring down the network. Microsoft has painted a huge target on themselves.

lonesoul651959d ago

That's sad that people think that way...just don't but it if you don't like it. Why ruin the experience for all the people who are interested. It's not like you don't have other options such as PC and PS4...ohh wait...PC is about the same thing...hhmmm...PS4 probably will too. Well damn.

Eldyraen1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

@Lonesoul65's disagrees and those that seem to want it hacked:

I love the double standard--MS makes a system you aren't forced to buy which alienates a portion of gamers and then everyone says its okay for outside forces to disrupt it for 100% of it on "principle".

I could care less if you hate what MS is doing but giving a greenlight for someone else to do something worse doesn't make it better. If/when hackers do bring it down just makes them look worse in my eyes and just as bad as MS.

Septic1959d ago

I see this happening too.

lonesoul651959d ago

These policies are not really anything new that hasn't been done in the PC space for a long time. Digital download games have long been a "license" purchase just like your OS for your PC or your turbotax that you buy every year.
TurboTax comes on a disk...I can't resell it when I'm done. I fully understand that this is a NEW idea for the console space but it is already in place in almost every other facet of you life. Can you buy apps from the app store and sell them?
Yes I get the argument that if I buy a piece of physical should be mine and I can do what I want with it. And you can sell that disk or trade it a 1000 times..just not the data that's on it = )

Excalibur1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Not true, each year someone in my family buys Turbotax and we all use it, on the year that I buy it after we all use it I sell it on E-bay or craigslist for half what I paid for it.
The others in my family have done the same.

mydyingparadiselost1959d ago

You make it sound like that's a good thing. It's not.

lonesoul651959d ago

How is a one time use license a bad thing? You own it...for you. We all see the world different but for isn't a commodity that degrades or loses value due to use over time. I feel in that case, if someone was to buy it 20 years from now and use it they would always have the exact same experience as me...unlike a car that degrades over really doesn't.

So a one time use license doesn't sound like a bad thing to ME. Again, it's a new thing to console so I get the pushback.

mydyingparadiselost1958d ago

Buying the license isn't a bad thing if you have the ability to treat that license as a physical product that can be loaned, rented, bought from the owner and sold by the owner to whomever they chose because it's a purchased digital product that has physical monetary value.
If you see software as a commodity that doesn't degrade or lose value you should still be paying the full price for all the past generations games or any game that ever comes out on PC but you don't because the technology becomes better, new products are released and the old losses value.
I'm not for digital distribution at this time because the options of what can be done with it are more restrictive with little, if any, added benefit to me, and that's why I play with discs on consoles instead of digital downloads or one use licenses on my PC.

Hicken1958d ago

"Oh, slavery's nothing new. Why should we bother changing it, when it's been going on for so long?"

SO glad not everybody thinks like you.

isarai1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Y'know, what i don't get is if this were any other consumer driven industry, legal action would have been taken right off the bat, don't get how MS gets a pass when it comes to games