Microsoft’s Xbox One Used Games Policies Are Clear as Mud

Will Xbox One allow you to trade in and resell disc-based games? Yes…sort of, says Microsoft in its fresh “How Games Licensing Works on Xbox One“ explainer, before winding up like some star NFL kicker and punting the ball downfield.

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theBAWSE3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Via now gamer trying to add clarification to the shady clarification from Microsoft yesterday...

You don't own the game you buy, only the license them

Physical discs are used to install games on your machine, at which point they will fall under the same restrictions and DRM measures as games bought

Publishers decide whether games can be traded in or not and even then, it will only be possible with "participating retailers"

You can't loan or rent games at launch, though Microsoft is working on this
You have to connect online every 24 hours - fail to do so and you can't play your games at all

This is reduced to one hour if you're accessing your content from another console
You can sell games to those on your Friends List but only if you've been friends with them for 30 days
Up to 10 people in your Xbox One 'family' can use your licensed content, regardless of what console they access it from

Basically Microsoft need to get out of gaming

xHeavYx3573d ago

It's the beginning of the end for M$, they keep upsetting loyal fans, they don't want military people to use their console, but hey, at least you have all those awesome exclusives... right?

abzdine3573d ago

and all this 3days before their E3 conference and they cancelled 1to1 with the media... doesn't matter what they show at E3 their console seems dead on arrival

Wizziokid3573d ago

"Basically Microsoft need to get out of gaming"

While I agree, the system will still sell to those uninformed people who think the Xbox is the best console brand on the planet.

lomion53573d ago

Sad but true. The average consumer is unlikely to know any better.

abzdine3573d ago

until they realize how much it sucks and they will trade it for a PS4.
imagine being one of the uninformed people and you buy X1 and you borrow a game from your buddy, how would you feel when you read a nice message: "give me money and i unlock"?? I will go crazy and i will go trade that piece of junk to a Gameboy.

360 is a complete gaming machine that got lot of praise from publishers and developers from day one, and cheaper price against PS3 that struggled in the begginning played a big role in the leadership they got in the beggining. But despite that praise PS3 still outsold it worldwide.

kreate3573d ago

'There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once'


Mr_Nuts3573d ago

I feel like they are changing the industry for their own greed. It's like they don't want to be in this industry anymore, hey Halo the TV series is just the start, if that takes off you could see less Halo games and more TV/Films about it instead

-Mika-3573d ago

We never owned our games. They were always licensed to us.

BlackTar1873573d ago

well maybe technically correct the way you saying it as some sort of point is 100% completely wrong.

kneon3573d ago

That is correct. But the license was much more permissive and didn't lock everything down. On the Xb1 even giving away a game is more complicated.

They have added all kinds of complications with little benefit for the consumer.

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Dannehkins3573d ago

You can say that again. Every time Microsoft try to clarify something, they manage to just make it even more confusing!

I've read their official statement and although it does clear some things up such as the 24 hour online thing, the used game part is still as confusing, if not more, than before. Maybe it is just me having a slow moment, but I just can't make sense of it all. I can't wait for E3 where hopefully, all this mess can be clarified.

UNGR3573d ago

And that's why I'm hoping they say something at E3, that at the least clarifies this poo storm. Microsoft PR, no doubt, is horrid at their jobs.

Cherchez La Ghost3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I'm sorry. But this is too much for a consumer to absorb. Someone needs to insight a riot in Redmond(MS HQ) for this to change. I cannot defend this in no way shape or forum. I'm watching a company's slow death like a Saw movie.

Brazz3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I will be realy pissed whit MS if Xbox one box don't come whit something like "Need internet conection to work"!
Peplo of N4G, Neogaf, Gamespot, etc. know about this restriction, but hell! majority of Parents need this information on the box! that this machine need internet conection!
More than this! they will need a very good explained instruction book for user! Hell, I can already see kids pissed because they don't undrestand Xbox one restrictions! This shit was made for casuals?? whit such omplicate rules?! WTF are they thinking!

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