If You Want A Picture Of The Future – Xbox One

With Microsoft’s Xbox One, we’ll all live in a room with a large television that shows adverts from Microsoft’s partners and TV shows based on their games. It will be connected to Kinect, a camera and microphone that is always listening and can even monitor your heartbeat.

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One4U3585d ago

doesnt nsa and ms have some sort of contract or agreement ?

DxTrixterz3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

If this is the future I would rather be dead or live in 70's. I really hope Microsoft goes bankrupt after this whole thing with X1.

kingmushroom3585d ago

its their future not mine i play beyond

Dread3585d ago

I hope that Sony does not do the same thing. But if they do, then what?

iunfortunately my guess is that sony fans will change their toon.

I am gamer who prefers playing on the 360, but trust me, based on what I hear, I will not be buying the new xbox( aka xbox1984)

and if sony does the same thing.... very sad.

Warj3585d ago

In all the furor over the used games controversy, this article brought up a bigger issue (although it only touched on it) that I have not seen many people discussing.

What happens to my games when the console stops authenticating? Microsoft has said nothing about this, and no one in the media has demanded an answer. I know many gamers never come back to older titles once finished, but I find having the option to be valuable.

And another thing is that immediately after detailing its policies, Microsoft said they reserve the right to change their policies at any time. So in theory, they could make it look acceptable as it sort of is now, wait for people to buy the system, then force the privacy invasion a year out, and there would be legally nothing we could do about it.

My only hope is that all of this anger sticks if Microsoft slams E3 with a bunch of impressive titles. We tend to have very short-term memories when something new, shiny, and exciting shows up. I fear all these very real concerns will suddenly not be a big deal once a few good games are shown off.

The 12 year old COD fanatics have already jumped on the bandwagon seeing nothing wrong with this console.

Will the rest of us be able to resist?

cleft53585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

This may be the future, but I refuse to be one of the people that help make this future a reality. This isn't about a console anymore, it's about gaming. I really hope enough gamers stand together in the final days of gaming as we know it, to at least make a small impact.

I am really proud of everyone so far. Most gamers see the bigger picture of what Microsoft is trying to do and is reeling against it. In the end, I doubt we will be able to stop what is coming. But sometimes it's just about the struggle and taking a stance. Even if and when we lose the struggle, we can look to young gamers 20 to 30 years from now and know that we weren't the ones responsible for such a bleak future for them.

For those who don't take a stand, that is fine. You have every right to do as you please, but never fool yourselves into thinking you aren't supporting the fall of gaming as we know it. That's okay though, times have to change. I just hope the new future of gaming won't be too harsh. I really feel like gaming is become for the elite few and it use to be for everyone.

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