EVE Players Buy a PS3 to Play Dust 514, Says Its Developer

According to Dust 514′s developer, CCP, 'We know that our fan base, Dust-curious players, are buying the PlayStation 3 to get into our game.'

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DigitalAnalog1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Through e-mail verification perhaps? You can use the same e-mail to register both EVE and dust you know?

dvewlsh1961d ago

I sincerely doubt this.

FlameHawk1961d ago

Na, MMO players on PC are really intense gamers, they take the **** seriously. So if they get a chance to improve their account or whatever, they will.

despair1961d ago

Trust me as much as normal MMO gamers might seem intense, Eve online gamers take it to another level. I mean they treat the game as a real world and you can actually make real world money off it, so it gets pretty insane. I wouldn't doubt this.

dvewlsh1961d ago

Sure, I just think that they'd find MMOs on the PC to play most of the time. I think if they are hardcore EVE Online players, sure.

Iceman X1961d ago

It's a good game and it's from a dev that always supports their game to the best level.

turgore1961d ago

Its a terrible game. Also pay to win.

N311V1959d ago

I thought the same thing until I actually played the game. It is definitely not play to win. Top level equipment is top level equipment wether is aquired with real or in-game currency, apart from say the name of a gun the stats are identical.

Lovable1961d ago

It's a free game, but my 80 gb PS3(which is a beast)can't handle the download since no space left lol...too afraid to change hardrive tbh hahaha

Giru0171961d ago

Go for it... I put a tasty 500GB HDD in my Backwards Compatible 80GB PS3 and it was the best choice I made 3 years ago.

Emilio_Estevez1961d ago

It is pretty easy...You'll need an extra external drive to back it up if you don't wanna re-download everything.

Felonycarclub81961d ago

I have the launch ps3 and the 60gb after like two years it was full, I changed it with a 500gb hdd and it is still running I had doubts at the beginning thinking it was going to mess up, but I never had a problem with any of my launch playstations they are still running perfect I do keep them clean, and usually after I turn them off I wait like ten minutes and then cover them with a shirt. But definitively do it I just started playing dust 514 and am getting the hang of things and can't complain is free

Qrphe1961d ago

I don't doubt the claim but I do doubt these amount of players is significant. Even 2 players would be enough to validate what they say.

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The story is too old to be commented.