Microsoft: expect more Xbox One exclusives at GamesCom, plus a "surprise" Xbox 360 game at E3

Microsoft's Phil Spencer is talking about Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusives again. The man's incorrigible, isn't he? According to Spencer, Microsoft has an Xbox 360 game to announce at E3 that "no one has guessed", and the company will reveal additional Xbox exclusives after the show.

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Hellsvacancy1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

A "surprise" sounds scary, could MS finally reveal Master Chef: Master Chief Edition? I joke (badly probably)

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Sandmano1959d ago

Im sure it wont be that much of a surprise.

AngelicIceDiamond1958d ago

What if Sony said what this guy said? Then suddenly you and your PlayStation super friends start praising and throwing Kaz Hirai Gifs everywhere and you don't even know what the announcement is.

But your gonna assume its nothing because its not from your favorite company in the world.

All I'm saying is wait, If its nothing than feel free to shoot off at the mouth. But if its something, then we can at least congratulate them on whatever it is they did what the 360?

S2Killinit1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

you mean him and his gamer friends? Yes we are more excited for Sony, is that a problem? In light of recent events forgive me if I don't care what microsoft is touting around. They can't buy me back with games.

PS: Also, let me tell you why some others may not be excited. Sometimes you need a translator to understand MS PR. What he means to say is: I know you might have been expecting 15 exclusives at E3 (but as Adam Sassler mentioned, they are over a period of 1 1/2 years) So don't be dissapointed if we don't show all 15, just wait for Gamescom when the rest will be ready for show. As for now, enjoy the number "15". end translation.

silenius1958d ago

Actually, it's sad when you realise that you are more anxious for the Xbox 360 surprise, rather than any Xbox One reveal.


wagnus1958d ago

All the exclusives in the world won't get my money.

YA BLEWWWW IT! - Billy Madison

RedHawkX1958d ago

I agree F gamescon e3 is all that matters and the only reason they talking about gamescon is beacuase there e3 will be crap with just kinect crap, tv crap, and multiplat games and maybe 1 or 2 timed dlc's

sarcastoid1958d ago

AngelicIceDiamond, there is this thing called "track record" and when a company continuously makes poor decisions, it can lower expectations.

bcrazy181958d ago

Sandmano, this is not directed towards you... this is a general statement lol

Everyone needs to calm down for a minute. I'm not sold on any console yet. To be completely honest, Sony has hardly provided any information on the features available to their console. They could have fees for used games, they could have restrictions on internet access, they could block the play of used games totally. There are still so many question marks on both consoles that it's unfair to judge one and not the other. Wait until everything has been release on both consoles, wait until you see the games that are available, and then make your decision and stop whining like a bunch of cry babies. It's not the end of the world if these consoles don't have what YOU want in them so get over it and grow up.

bcrazy181958d ago

RedHawkX... They've already said there will be no tv and strictly games... You don't work at Microsoft do you? So, you don't know what they have planned. Sony could have just as "crappy" of a conference but you don't know that because you don't work for them and you don't know what they have planned.

DOMination-1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

They don't say the 360 game is an exclusive. I'm guessing its something like FFv13.

Off topic: On gaf they are saying you need to pay 30 a year for online gaming on ps4. 60 for ps+ discounts and 100 for gaikai.

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fermcr1959d ago

"Microsoft: expect more Xbox One exclusives at GamesCom, plus a "surprise" Xbox 360 game at E3"

I've already sold my X360 last week. Few months from now going to sell my PS3. I'm waiting for next gen.

True_Samurai1959d ago

Well dude my beloved Microsoft is going along with the 24hr DRM. I'm still going to get it on day one but I just hope they know what they're doing

Dmagic1959d ago

@trueninja you are a true fool

Waller1959d ago

@Dmagic Or he/she has enough courage to brave the storm. Microsoft aren't idiots. If they were, they wouldn't have lasted half as long in any market as they already have.

S2Killinit1958d ago

I can understand your frustration with gamers who will support thme but lets not call people names, trueNinja has the right to do what he/she wants with his money.
Oh believe me they are very smart. You have to be if you can implement such aggressive anti consumer policies and still have people buy your console. PS: it doesn't require courage, more like indifference.

YNWA961958d ago

Dmagic, seriously, MS has told you to your face what they are doing. Its what Sony has not said that would scare me. MS knows the infrastructure is there to do what they want, and when something like this happens, it does speed up getting areas covered by broadband. I heard people saying what if a tornado struck and I lost Internet, well.... That one is about priorities in life...

SegataSanshiro1958d ago

While i agree and despise MS, i don't think you should have sold your 360 man. Who knows in some years youre gonna feel like playing halo 3 or gears of war or whatever other xbox exclusive...thats why i have a bunch of old school never know mate.

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syanara1959d ago

could this be a surprise already spoiled ... titanfall?

DeadlyFire1959d ago

I expect Surprise to be Halo 2 Anniversary edition.

I expect the E3 exclusive that noone has guessed = Homefront 2!!

Crytek is making Ryse for them anyway. Talk of EA partners might not last much longer. Crytek isn't a publisher. They have never announced finding a publisher for Homefront 2. Although most would just expect EA to publish it.

UNGR1958d ago

Who would want to publish the turd that is Homefront? That game flopped hard for a reason. It was a bad FPS, hyped to hell and back to be the "Call of Duty killer". Absolute worst FPS game of that year. (minus Brink, I think they came out in the same year)

memots1958d ago

At mcstorm.

I picked up Alan Wake entire collection on steam for 4$ and it wasn't worth it. Very disappointing.

The fact that you would have that on your list is laughable.

extermin8or1958d ago

Well you must be playing a different game to me-I thought it was great... I can honestly say it's probably the only xbox exclusive I wish came to ps3... however its hardly the best game ever.

memots1958d ago

How is this am Xbox exclusive when I am not playing on my 360?

Read the definition of exclusive.

showtimefolks1958d ago

Yeh after all the crap you guys are trying to enforce on games you better show some games

GribbleGrunger1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

People better hope that they're not all like this Xbox One game:

maniacmayhem1958d ago

Why? That game looks boss.

SegataSanshiro1958d ago

The surprise is 3 exclusive games for the xbox from SEGA: Segata Sanshiro's ultimate rocket ride, Judo throw simulator, and Baseball barefoot kicker 2013

indysurfn1958d ago

Unless they have a FFVII remake, or FFXV exclusive I don't care! And if it had been for xboxone I still would not have cared!

ALLWRONG1958d ago

I could care less what MS or even Sony have to show anymore. Expect some bad PS4 news soon. Time for console gamers to give PC a try.

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dirigiblebill1959d ago

Timesplitters 4! Fallout 4! Lost Odyssey 2! Milo & Kate!

/bubble bursts

It's a new Dance Central game, isn't it.

Raccoon1959d ago

Nope it's Star Wars kenict 2

gamertk4211959d ago

I'm hoping for Viva Pinata Dance Central!

ShwankyShpanky1958d ago

>>Timesplitters 4!

If this were a 360/Xbone exclusive, I would be very disappointed. Not enough to elicit an Xbone purchase, but enough for a nice loud "Dammit!"

pop-voxuli1958d ago

Timesplitters 4 for PS4!!!

Eyesoffiction1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Probably banjo, rare isn't what it used to be, stop trying to ride on nintendo's glory days.

NukaCola1958d ago

BK Gruntyland was leaked on that E3 listing. I doubt it'll be anything like a true original Banjo title.

Eyesoffiction1958d ago

I doubt any banjo title microsoft puts out will be a true banjo title. It will never be the magic it once was.

jjw4k1959d ago

Having a game no one has guessed yet isn't necessarily a good thing. It will be surprising if it's a game people will actually want. And even more surprising will be if Microsoft can win people over at E3 and get them to purchase a Xbox Juan once it's released.

Why o why1959d ago

Crimson skies and a panza dragoon please....Not sure about the x1 but those 2 games have slept for a whole gen. People talk about how rich ms are....spend some more of that loot on game development. Give more back to the gamers instead of what you're doing now.

Cherchez La Ghost1959d ago

Crimson Skies! Damn, you brought up a good one! I used to love that game.

wellard1959d ago

Its probably another steel battalion. This time with twice the kinect irritation