New Rally-X will be the next Live Arcade game

New Rally-X will be the next Live Arcade game released on Xbox Live Marketplace, probably wednesday. The game first came out in 1981 using the Pac-Man hardware and was produced by Namco.

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unleash bass5893d ago

This sort of stuff isn't good enough for me, I at least want a muli-player (via live) version of micro machines or something similar. like the one MS have planned (can't remember what it's called.)

Ayreon5893d ago

I think you mean Mad Tracks.

When I look at that screenshot I can't think of any good reason why to buy such a game. Graphics isn't the only thing, but a Pac-Man engine? Why would anybody want that while we can produce games with the Unreal 3 engine for instance?!

THWIP5893d ago

...and I've been wanting that game for a long time now. I was originally releasing back in the early summer, but without online play. They decided to add online, and release it later...hopefully by the end of the year.

Boink5893d ago

You have gotten most of the hits from the old arcade, move onto better XBLA stuff. I wanna see more XNA developed stuff, and next gen arcade titles, these ports pretty much blow.

THWIP5893d ago

I love my Joust and Dig Dug, because those are the old quarter-eaters I played when I was younger. But I don't recall even seeing Rally-X in an arcade...don't think I would've played it if I had. Now if they were to do Q-bert and Crystal Castles, I'd be giddy as a school girl...but otherwise, I'm ready for more new stuff, that makes use of the 360 hardware and LIVE.

Sphinx5893d ago

...some of the ports are worth buying, or at least messing with the Trial version for a bit, but Rally-X?!? Seriously? Wow, come on, we all know there are better old-school games than Rally-X... Balloon Fight anyone?

bizzy125893d ago

they is waiting to ps3 drop to roll out the next gen arcade games to match there

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