Sony E3 2013 conference live blog & stream

Here’s where we’ll be live blogging and streaming Sony’s E3 conference when it starts at 2am Tuesday 11th. Get comment, opinions and additional info as it happens and chat with Official PlayStation Magazine and other PlayStation gamers.

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One4U3585d ago

cant wait for the shitload of games and the console reveal !

Sandmano3585d ago

haha yes Im actually looking forward to the Vita reveals

abzdine3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

check this game out

we'll probably know more at the conference

kingmushroom3585d ago

:D is the music on that video wood kid? i think it is

stuntman_mike3585d ago

Have they said how we can watch the conference on our vitas yet?

Sandmano3585d ago

Why would you want to watch it on your vita!? One things for sure is going to home is useless for the conference.

SonicRush153585d ago

Yeah they did. Watch it through the Nico nico app which isn't very good to be honest..

GiggMan3585d ago

I usually stream the conference while at work but since it's going to be at night (9pm est. I think) does anyone know if it will be on TV?

project_pat363585d ago

you could watch the conference live on spiketv

GiggMan3585d ago

Ok cool. I had heard rumors that the Sony conference wasn't going to be televised due to conference time slot.

reko3585d ago

its not going to be on spike.

Sniperwithacause3585d ago

Or you can wait until the store updates. They always post a two part video of the conference on the store.