"The PS4 has GDDR5 advantages": Developer statements on the power of PS4 and Xbox One

Housemarque, developer of Super Stardust HD, talks about the hardware of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. "PS4's GDDR5 is an advantage over Xbox One", the studio said in an interview with PCG. Housemarque also talked about Indie games, CPU and more.

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bicfitness2012d ago

Let's not forget the GPU which has a 50% raw power advantage.

coolmast3r2012d ago

lol at disagrees. dude's right.

ZodTheRipper2012d ago

Don't mind them, they probably know it themselves.

Boody-Bandit2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

You get disagree when you write "water is wet" on N4G.

On topic:
At this point PS4's specs are irrelevant to me. It could be half as powerful as the X1 and I'm still getting it now that MS has officially confirmed all the unnecessary restrictions are true.

The fact that the PS4 is significantly more powerful is just a bonus. But what else would you expect from Sony? They are not in the business of gouging (paid to play online subscription fees & licensing fees for all peripherals like their main competitor) and unnecessary restrictions. Their consoles was open ended (non proprietary... nearly any headphones, communication device, keyboard, mouse, FFB wheel, usb perp, etc... works on the PS3) this generation and most likely will be next gen as well.

Just look at the plethora of new and amazing IP's they brought out this generation with all their 1st party studios. They are still coming out. Even with their new console being released months away! That is how Sony provides for their consumer base and that is how it should be and what consumers should EXPECT from them.

Sony actually listens to the developers and more importantly listens to their consumers.

So I guess this time the phrase "Next gen starts when Sony says it does" couldn't ring more true. At least as far as I'm concerned. Since I have officially jumped ship (CIAO MS) and I am asking for Sony to please throw me a life preserver and welcome me a board.

For the 1st time in my lifetime of gaming (been a gamer since the inception of gaming), I will officially be a 1 console owner. I guess that means Sony will get all my gaming budget.

Jdoki2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )


I am likely to also cut back to one console, a PS4, as I don't agree with MS's strategy and the Wii U doesn't have the games I want to play.

However, I think it's a little naive to think that Sony are not going to have a very similar DRM set up to MS in some respects.

Sony have already said that they are leaving it up to publishers to enforce the DRM - which means they have some sort of DRM (even if it's only support for season passes etc). The only silver lining is that the PS4 has been confirmed as being able to run offline.

Also, the Blu-Ray standard has DRM built in that allows locking out dics. I suspect that the DRM MS are using incorporates some of that standard - in which case the PS4 will have it by design (whether it is accessible and 'turned on', is the question). Even the PS3 had the ability to lock out discs because of this - but Sony never activated it.

This may go against the grain on N4G as people are really championing Sony right now (and I am equally as excited by the PS4) - but Sony have tripped themselves up in the past, so it wouldn't surprise me if we saw momentum swing towards MS after E3 because of some stupid announcement by Sony.

RiPPn2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

@Jdoki Even if there is some form of DRM it won't be nearly as convoluted as the Xbone offering. On top of that there will be no mandatory Kinect as the PS4 Eye is optional, there will be no 24 hour check in as Sony has said the system can remain offline, and at this point we can assume there won't be a mandatory paid subscription model like xbox live gold, and the system is far more powerful. So those reasons even with DRM put it head and shoulders above that blackest black turd.

Jdoki2011d ago


Yeah, I completely agree the PS4 appears head and shoulders above the rest. And to be be honest even if it was lower power, and had more restrictive DRM I would still buy one because I much prefer the Sony exclusives to any other platform.

My main issue with MS is their strategy and lack of games, not the DRM.

However, you are still speculating about the PS4's DRM being less convoluted - we really don't know yet. And considering this is the company responsible for the root kit fiasco, pushing proprietary media to control and profit from it and so on, no one should be surprised if they do something stupid.

nix2011d ago

sadly, the difference will only be seen on sony exclusives games... the third devs will make sure that the games look same on both platforms. remember PS3/360 days.. Cell was powerful but look at the 3rd party games.

i just hope that it doesn't happen though.

SolidStoner2011d ago

lets try?!

water is wet!!! and that's a fact, I tried!

or is it? :)

Angrymorgan2011d ago

No sir, water is definitely not wet!

Enemy2011d ago

It's worth noting that Housemarque were the first developer on PS3 to put out a mind blowing 60fps + 1080p experience on the console.

starchild2011d ago

Nix, don't be naive. There is all the evidence in the world that devs took advantage of the architectural strengths of each console and plenty of games DID look better on the PS3. But the PS3 was also difficult to develop for, which is the true reason multi plats sometimes suffered on the ps3.

Now the difference in power is massive between the ps4 and xbox one, and the ps4 is actually easier to develop for. Multiplats will definitely have advantages on the ps4. You can take that to the bank.

Sony3602011d ago

Like someone else said, even if the Xbox One was more powerful, i'd still be getting a Ps4 instead. Unless sony decided to do some of the same things with licencing, of course.

fr0sty2011d ago

Did it really take a developer to come out and say it before people would believe it? I guess some people can't tell the difference between 68gbps and 176gbps. Or 18CU's vs. 12.

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nthstew2012d ago

i cant he believe he got dislikes... the truth is always bitter i guess ..
PS4 is powerful than Xbox one just admit it...

jp_footy22012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

And let's not forget that 3gb of ram is for the OS.

Blackdeath_6632012d ago

well clock speeds havent been confirmed so we can't confirm the ammount of teraflops the XBone will be capable of it could get much worse if under clocking rumours are true or they can risk overheating the processor in favour of more power. anyways it seems like the way microsoft is trying to style it out is by claiming the "cloud" will provide extra power to your console which is absolute bullshit and even if it were true it would mean games that use this feature will require a constant internet connection like sim city which also supposedly running through the cloud

bicfitness2012d ago

@ Blackdeath. If you read the article I linked, the Xbone developer panel inadvertently confirmed cycle counts and clock speeds by listing the number of operations per second. I posted the pertinent quote.

sourav932012d ago

Hey! Don't forget about the cloud! MS made the XBONE future proof with Azure! It is the best conso....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry I couldn't hold it much longer :'D

ProjectVulcan2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

We don't have confirmed clockspeeds. We don't. All we have is strong rumours the GPU core was supposed to be 800mhz.

I say strong, because the specs that were leaked 6 months ago turned out to be dead on with every other architecture spec, cited this speed as well.

Clockspeeds way back then however were still just a moving target, you tried to hit it, but if you had problems or it turned out better you could alter clockspeeds very last minute without too much difficulty.

If the yield problems are true, then Microsoft can either simply buy up more manufacturing capacity (very expensive) to ensure they catch up with demand sooner rather than later, or modify the final hardware specification so more of the chips pass QA. One possible way to do this is indeed lower clocks.

This isn't unusual, it is called 'binning' in the industry. That is, the best quality parts have everything enabled and run the highest clocks and sold at a high price, the rest are then graded and downclocked/units disabled accordingly and sold for less.

This being a console however you have to find the cutoff point where you can realistically use a chip or not, and throw it away.

If they are throwing too many away this isn't the sort of problem you want to deal with so close to final assembly deadline.

That deadline by the way has to be exceptionally tight, if this machine is to launch this year.

They could start making the machines but suffer shortages, and that probably means a paper launch (launch in theory, little hardware in practice in stores) or Microsoft possibly even restructuring the launch dates, maybe going with USA market launch this year and everybody else next year.

wishingW3L2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

don't forget about the 2 cores of the CPU that are reserved only for the TV features. lol

TheSurg2011d ago

And PC is more powerful than any of these...what's the point?? I want new technology not a slight upgrade in graphics! I want innovations, new ways to play games, to feel like you are part of the game. Both consoles will be very close in terms of graphics, and even if one of them will have slightly better shadows or something else, IT DOES NOT MAKE THE GAME! I'd chose innovation over smoother shadow anytime. You guys are just hilarious. If ps4 would be weaker than X1 you all would be saying it doesn't matter games matter! bla bla. Seriously...children..

papashango2011d ago


I'm not excited in the slightest for next-gen. It will just be as you said higher resolutions, higher res textures and that's pretty much it.

You're going to have current gen games on better hardware. Not entirely innovative.

The only thing and I mean ONLY thing that excites me about the gaming industry coming soon is the Occulus Rift.

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bicfitness2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

For the disagrees (not that it matters, I feed on troll fear):

"In terms of the GPU hardware, hard information was difficult to come by, but one of the engineers did let slip with a significant stat - 768 operations per clock. We know that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are based on Radeon GCN architecture and we also know that each compute unit is capable of 64 operations per clock. So, again through a process of extrapolation from the drip-feed of hard facts, the make-up of the One's GPU is confirmed - 12 compute units each capable of 64 ops/clock gives us the 768 total revealed by Microsoft and thus, by extension, the 1.2 teraflop graphics core. So that's another tick on the Durango leaked spec that has been transposed across to the final Xbox One architecture and the proof we need that PlayStation 4's 18 CU graphics core has 50 per cent more raw power than the GPU in the new Microsoft console."

Truth can be a hard pill to swallow.

P.S. Also:

Rumor (confirmed by an MS insider) that MS is downclocking the GPU to get the yields up on the obscenely large 5 billion transistor chip. So expect a further hit in Xbone performance if they rush this thing through to market - which they will, I'm sure.

GamersRulz2012d ago

easy on them man, Xbox fans are in huge state of denial.

I've seen some of the most stupid excuses ever in the last 3 weeks. Someone @ B3D said that the ESRAM will bring X1 performance to 1.5TF. and another one saying X1 is better because controller has trigger rumble. other people believed the cloud BS....I swear its pure comedy to watch.


To be fair, I think most xbox fans are seeing the writing on the wall.

it's only the most diehard of xboxfanboys that are still trying to sail this ship

IRetrouk2011d ago

And sail it will, all the way to the bottom of the sea.

Death2011d ago

"rush this thing to market"...

They've had 8 years to work on this. I'm not sure I would label it as "rushed" without the risk of sounding stupid. Sony launched a year later and revealed their next offering faster. I still wouldn't say they "rushed" things either.

In all honesty, I'd probably wait for real world results before claiming either console better. Sony is notorious for their claims of power that go unrealized by developers.

wishingW3L2011d ago

@Death MS just started working on the XBone's OS last November (2012) and if you remember, the reason for the RROD on the 360 was due to them wanting to be first in the market. They rushed the console and made millions of faulty GPU chips and even though they knew about it they still launched the console without giving a single fuk.

TheSurg2011d ago


And it is a pure comedy to watch ps4 fans talking about power like ps4 got any chance against an overdated PC. Consoles are not about power. If you already assume that ps4 is better than xbox one because it might have slightly better graphics, the you are automaticly aprooving that ps4 is piece of crap compared to a modern PC. I for one believe in console gaming, and I've been here playing games when most of you didn't even exist. People like you are a disgrace for gaming.

Now think about it. If ps4 would be the weaker one, you'd find any other excuse to prise it over the other. GROW UP. Gaming doesn't need any more kids.

adorie2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

No, they haven't had 8 years to work on it, the've had around 3.6 years or so. They've started work on Xbone in late 2010. That information available in an official video released by Microsoft.

Sony's been working on PS4 since 2007.

@Death again.
Shhh. Visit the link.

Death2011d ago

Both the PS4 and XboxOne development started prior to the launch of the last gen of consoles. Once a console reaches production status the team working on it moves to the next platform. This is the way consoles have been developed since the Atari days. I have no problem believing the OS wasn't finished earler since the development process takes a very long time. The PS4 doesn't even have a final shell and it's supposed to be released this year.

Consoles are not rushed, this includes the 360. The flaws of the initial batch of 360's rests on Microsofts inexperience as a hardware manufacturer, not on the time table it was released in. The original Xbox's abrubt demise was due to nvidea's refusal to scale GPU manufacturering costs as prices came down.

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OlgerO2012d ago

Yes and multiple reliable sources on Neogaf have outed that microsoft is having some serious yield issues with the ESRAM which would make the difference even bigger.

IcicleTrepan2012d ago

This has been debunked by Major Nelson.

bicfitness2012d ago

@Icicle That debunk was refuted by the insider. He is adamant that it is true. And seriously, Major Nelson is nothing but a PR mouthpiece that has been caught lying or distorting the truth several times for years now, whereas this Cboat guy has NEVER been wrong. Ever. Remember this:

Originally Posted by Major Nelson:

"Xbox 360 has 278.4 GB/s of memory system bandwidth. The PS3 has less than one-fifth of Xbox 360′s (48 GB/s) of total memory system bandwidth."

That whole interview is a complete crock of shit from beginning to end. Major Nelson has been towing the company lie (yes, I played with words there) for years upon years. How is anything he says credible?

OlgerO2012d ago

@bicfitness Hey man great find.

JoySticksFTW2012d ago

MS is definitely having hardware issues, and that goes beyond just low ESRAM yields. Each tech issue they try to fix, is bringing about new problems. The same goes for their policies too.

Top MS guys thought Sony was going to come out with a significantly weaker system and much later.

The PS4 reveal caught MS off guard with an earlier release date and beefier tech.

MS now has been scrambling, dodging, obscuring, delaying, and cancelling ever since.

And it was going to be way WORSE! We should ALL thank Adam Orth for his blunder.

Due to the backlash from his arrogance and telling twitter meltdown, MS actually loosened the noose a bit. Now our hopes dangle dying slowly, instead of a quick drop and snap of the neck.

That Xbone check-in every 24 hrs was originally every Three MINUTES. That's right. Offline for more than three minutes and you suddenly cannot play your games, single-player included.

If people can't see what an ill-conceived rush job Xbone has become, then they never will.

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fei-hung2012d ago

Gddr5 or not, right now the only thing I want to hear from HM is a Dead Nation sequel. I love that game to bits. It's the the only PSN game which I haven't deleted an still continue to play. Dammit HM, we know the PS4 is awesome, just give us a sequel! :p

plmkoh2012d ago

They really nailed the zombie atmosphere on Dead Nation, definitely would like a sequel. However they have expressed a lack of satisfactory sales with the first game.

Reverent2011d ago

The thing I really loved about Dead Nation was that despite it's comical style, it still took itself seriously. I too would love a sequel.

duckmysick2011d ago

They have another unannounced game being shown on Monday. I think it is it. But who knows, all of HM games are awesome.
BTW, you should check out plus if you haven't.. Great way to play games you normally would pass on...

fei-hung2011d ago

I've had plus since day one :) best gaming purchase ever!

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Ju2012d ago

Maybe I should disagree. Because if MS needs to downclock the One it's rather 100% more GPU power (drops to 900MF vs. 1.8GF). LOL

Animal Mutha 762012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

*Allegedly* We don't really know anything about the GPU clocks/power yet. Only rumoured so far.

If MS have to down clock to to yield issues then the gap could widen.

Edit: Just read the above comments from bicfitness. Fair play. Will check that out. ( teach me to read all replies first!)

I also take Major Nelson with a massive grain of salt.

SuperLupe2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

So Avalanche comes out and says that Cloud is an advantage for the XOne over PS4 = bullshit

Super Stardust HD developer ( .... ) comes out and says that GDDR5 is an advantage for the PS4 over the 360 = cheers and high five by the N4G community.

What makes Super Stardust HD developer a lot more credible than a far more respected and established studio like Avalanche ?

Both systems have their advantages, just like this gen. You cant be n° 1 everywhere.

MysticStrummer2011d ago

You're ignoring that multiple devs and tech experts have dismissed the cloud advantage. For the vast majority of people it's just not feasible yet to do what MS is claiming, and those 300,000 virtual servers aren't going to suddenly make it feasible.

Revolver_X_2011d ago

You know SuperLupe, you and greenpowers have alot in common. If it aint an N4G hot topic, you know nothing about it. These so-called gamers need to research more, before trying to be a smart @ss.

SpinalRemains2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

One of the advantages doesn't exist.

Answer me one thing please?

If the cloud was such a viable option and is the equalizer for this generation, and every console must be online, why does the Xbox One even have standard architecture? Wouldn't you think it more financially responsible to rely solely on the magic cloud to cut back production costs and have your console priced lower?

Of course that would make sense. Guess why they didn't do that, and they went with standard architecture to run games? They did this because the cloud is pure propaganda. It is nothing more than a fairy tale created to offset the reality that the console is inferior to PS4 in every way. From graphics to load times to restrictions and fees.
-Every single aspect of the One is inferior unless you love the ability to watch your tv that you already used to watch without the One.

At best it's a redundant novelty and at the worst it's money sucking, corporate wet dream which will play the new Halo after you install the disk.

strifeblade2011d ago

^^^^^^ you fools replying to his comment? You guys are pure fanboys, give credit where its due, what happens if cloud computing can offload some things like some ai and some physics to the cloud? then you guys would feel pretty stupid.

Avalanche studios are not the only ones using the cloud- look at respawn entertainment's exclusive for xbox one called Titanfall- it was leaked that this game does in fact use the cloud to offload some simple physics and ai to the cloud= and this game comes next summer. look it up.

Oh wait respawn is probably lying, they have an exclusive for xbox one- it all makes sense now lol.

duckmysick2011d ago

How about a revered game!?!? Or how about a game that was 60fps 1080p and 100x better than anything avalanche has ever made!?!?..or fuck it, don't take their word for it. Choose any developer that's not on M$ payroll, and they'll gladly tell you that xbone ain't shit!

dumahim2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )


You're not going to be able to offload AI and physics to the cloud because of latency. This stuff has to be done as quick as possible. There are quite lengthy articles out there that go into a lot of detail about how bogus all this cloud talk is. I think one said about the only good cloud computing would be good for would be lighting calculations in some situations that aren't time sensitive.

edit: here.

"To put this in perspective, when the logic circuits of a CPU want some data, they have to wait a few nanoseconds (billionths of a second) to retrieve it from its cache. If not in cache, the CPU has to wait as much as a few hundred nanoseconds to fetch the data from main RAM - and this is considered bad news for processor efficiency. If the CPU were to ask the cloud to calculate something, the answer won't be available for potentially 100ms or more, depending on internet latency - some 100,000 nanoseconds!"

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MysticStrummer2012d ago

"Let's not forget the GPU which has a 50% raw power advantage."

Let's not forget One's 3GB OS footprint either.

dumahim2011d ago

To be fair, I don't think there's been confirmation of how much memory the PS4 will allocate for the OS. I do think the rumor is 1 GB, but I haven't seen any confirmation.

RedHawkX2012d ago

yep the ps4 is far more powerful and thats the console everyone wants and the devs like.

greenpowerz2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

They disagree because we got PS3 fans running around acting like they are experts quoting devs and forum goers that have no idea what they are talking about because PS4 and Xbox One hardware has not been explained in detail to no one. People are making general statements based on vague/general info and speculation based on pre XB1 reveal rumors.

The developer making an actual xbox One exclusive TitanFall said:

"Still dealing with unfinished hardware and software, so it's "still a little rough going at times."

There is a reason MSFT has not announced the details on the hardware yet.

MSFT has not revealed performance or details on specs. 8 core CPU and 8 gigs of ram is all MSFT has announced along with very customized chipsets.

LOL bicfitness running around spreading even more lies about clock speed downgrades ignoring MSFT debunking the rumor/lie

ESRAM+8gigs of whatever ram the Xbox One has puts the Xbox One on par with PS4 I've been reading. I'm more interested in detailed info of the CPU and GPU in the XB1

IRetrouk2011d ago

Its like watching a meltdown today with you lol you can only defend stupid decisions for so long, get a ps4, dont worry you wont be lonely, i will add u as a friend.

bicfitness2011d ago

Yes, I've even gone as far as to infiltrate Digital Foundry, and to pose as the Xbox One creative design team for a round-table discussion in which their specs were confirmed and thereafter broken down by several news agencies, including DF.

That was sarcasm, clearly. Maybe you should take your head out of the "clouds" - pun intended.

BlueTemplar2011d ago

"fans running around acting like they are experts quoting devs and forum goers that have no idea what they are talking about because PS4 and Xbox One hardware has not been explained in detail to no one."

Yeah, its stupid - everybody knows thats your job!

DoesUs2011d ago

"ESRAM+8gigs of whatever ram the Xbox One has puts the Xbox One on par with PS4 I've been reading."

Not by a long shot buddy. Worse GPU also, but keep cashing them cheques dude.

sAVAge_bEaST2011d ago

I hear M$ is unleashing the Reputation Management trolls.

adorie2011d ago

Doesn't matter what field you work in, your drivel is such a misinterpretation of fact, and pure fiction, it pains me to exist where you do, furthermore, My condolences to your common sense.

MrSwankSinatra2011d ago

why do you alwasy gotta defend microsoft are they paying you or something, there isn't one article about the xbox one that doesn't have you defending it. get a life.

monkey nuts2011d ago

Damn it I got trolled by green powers, usually don't bother reading his desperate ms shill crap but as I'm on my phone I missed the name and started reading his comment. Got maybe 10 sentetnces in and was like lol this guy is delusional, scrolled back up to see who it was and bang! I been trolled.

OT: after getting burned (not literally) by rrod twice this gen I pray ms have learned their lesson as far as rushing a release, if only for the fangirls. If there's a similar problem with the x1 and they still stand by their console of choice then surely they are really sado masachists disguised as fanbois.

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chcolatesnw2011d ago

LMAO the hipocricy strikes again
Remember how PS3 had WORSE GPU than the 360? Yet it still produced WAY better looking games than the 360? (Uncharted Heavy Rain God of War).
I'll laugh so hard if cloud computing helps One get better visuals than your holy play station 4. Im gonna copy and paste all these retarded comments and you guys are just gonna say who cares about graphics its all gameplay and story. Ahhhh the ps sheep with hypocrisy over 9000

wishingW3L2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

because Them Cells... But this time around they both are on equal ground sharing same architecture and everything. The only exception is that PS4's has slightly more powerful hardware on every front. Better Ram, Better GPU and Better CPU so comparisons are even simpler because you can take face value for granted.

Persistantthug2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Cloud Rendering, the way Microsoft is trying to infer, is a total fairy tale.

Because Even if you have really fast internet.....
that's only approx 6MB (MegaBYTES) per second.

PS4's CPU/GPU calculates something like 20,000 MB per second (probably alot more).

So basically 6MB vs 20,000MB

It's so miniscule, that it isn't even worth the effort.
Maybe next decade. Probably not, but maybe.

chcolatesnw2011d ago

"So basically 6MB vs 20,000MB"
first of all
WAY TO PULL NUMBERS OUT OF AS$ to make it sound like sony got the all might computing device AHAHHAHAHAHHA

You have NO CLUE how it works.
You see, most of the stuff is rendered by the server computer, then STREAMED to you like goddamn NETFLIX. JUST BECAUSE NETFLIX CAN PLAY HD QUALITY (10mbps bitrate), DOESN'T MEAN YOU NEED 10mbps speed to get the fu*king stream at 100% quality. In fact you only need about 3mbps to keep constant 100% buffer.

And video games work the same way as movie. It contains data, which is measured by mb/s in bitrate in a movie, cept for games its a lot larger
Blu ray ~40mbps
Game ~70-100mbps (if you wanna test it go record a game play with FRAPS and see you get 5GB of recording for 2 min of gameplay. Get media info and open the video file with it. It will say bitrate.


T22011d ago

don't care because I'm still not putting a spybox in my living room with drm and no game lending so even if they up the ante with games I'm still out... you can copy and paste that.

Fatal-Aim2011d ago

@ chcolatesnw


FYI, the PS3 had a CPU (aka Cell) that assisted the GPU.

The Xbox360 had nothing of a kind. So of couse the PS3 was able to outperform it later on down the line. The only drawback was the processor being so difficult to develop for in the beginning, which is it took so long to see those results early in.

As far as the X1 goes, it doesn't have a Cell-like CPU to aid it's slow GPU. Microsoft is banking on the cloud to somehow magically enhance everything that is gimped about this new system, which sounds very PR centered when you start adding up the facts around such a ecosystem. If anything, it is an excuse to compensate for the fact that the console is underpowered. All this PR trash reminds me of the Kinect when it was getting ready to launch.

But don't take my word for it, wait it out if you like.