Nintendo eShop turns two years old

Today marks the two year anniversary of the debut of Nintendo's new digital store, the eShop. It would start on the 3DS in June 2011 and later ship with the Wii U in November 2012.

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One4U2050d ago

i dont have a 3ds or wiiU , whats the store like ? any good ?

ziratul2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

3DS one is very good. Wii U eShop need much more games. Overall it looks just fine (nice) from visual aspect. Will be better and better overtime.

Maybe they should improve search function, nothing else.

One4U2050d ago

thanks ! was planning on picking up a wiiU next year

R00bot2050d ago

You should pick up a Wii U, it's a great system, and once the big Nintendo franchises (and hopefully some 3rd party) come out it will be awesome.

eShop is surprisingly good and is beginning to do away with the "Nintendo is bad at online stereotype".

Myst2050d ago

Like R00bot stated the WiiU is quite good and has some hidden gems. ZombiU is surprisingly fun. If you haven't played a Mario title in like 1x years then I'm sure the NSMBU will be good to :p.

One4U2050d ago

yea i havent played mario in like 3 yrs now ! im saving up for PS4 first then definately a WiiU