Video Game Companies Aren't "Letting Us" Do Anything

Kotaku - I've seen some very similar responses to today's Xbox One news, whether it be the mandatory 24-hour "check-in" or the restrictions on game lending. It's a defensive sort of reply, brought up by somebody who doesn't see the news as downright terrible.

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AsimLeonheart1964d ago

If these just officially confirmed MS practices were to gain ground then console gaming as we know it is finished. I cannot believe anybody would block used games or defend it. Second hand and used market exists in every industry and business sector. Just imagine if we were not able to buy a used car, furniture, house, electronics or anything else. The concept of blocking used gaming is outrageous. The same logic of maximizing developer revenue can be applied to any industry. Just imagine what kind of world we would be living in if the same was applied to all other industries.
Immanuel Kant, a philosopher, came up with a basic principle to judge an act to be permissible or not. He said just assume that the proposed act/practice is made universal and think what would happen. If everything is fine, nobody is hurt and the system continues to work properly then it is permissible and if not then it is unethical. As such blocking used products or charging for them is not acceptable in any way.

ab5olut10n1963d ago

Bubbles for you smart guy or girl

amiga-man1963d ago

Anyone that buys into these ridiculous anti consumer practices M$ are trying to force on the gaming community are doing gaming no favours, there really is no excuse except greed, I would never pay for online because it is a green light for yet more of the same as M$ is showing, I would urge anyone who loves gaming not to accept this nonsense and tell M$ or any other company that tries to restrict our gaming to just say no and refuse to buy their product, if that happens these companies would soon change their ideas.

I so hope the consumers send a message we have the power lets use it.

lomion51963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Actually, these practices exist in all of the industries that were mentioned. It's just called a "lease", and it's a terrible idea for gaming.

Why o why1963d ago

Nice.... I'm not sure that philosophy works across the board, but I get the gist of it because it definitely works within our industry

grassyknoll1963d ago

What Microsoft is doing is illegal in Europe. EULA are worthless before the law. With project PRISM & the Verizon scandal in the states too, I'm not sure why anyone would want to buy Xbox One, especially with so many competitors.

Why o why1963d ago

Not too many people know about prism.

imahustla191963d ago

i heard about that yesterday and thats the first thing i thought. microsoft is already giving access to the fed's to their servers, servers xbox one will probably end up using and they say its not a spy device haha

dedicatedtogamers1963d ago

Never thought I'd be seeing snippets of Kant on N4G.

What really gets me is the Gamestop angle. We were told all this DRM and no-used-game crap was because the industry was dying, used games were killing everything, and they "needed" a bigger piece of the pie.

Well guess what? Gamestop is one of the "chosen retailers" to buy/trade/sell Xbox One games. So instead of killing used games (which would be bad), Microsoft instead hands the keys to the kingdom over to the big retailers like Gamestop and Best Buy and lets the individual sellers die. Nice!

plmkoh1963d ago

"Just imagine if we were not able to buy a used car, furniture, house, electronics"

Video game discs/cartridges are not assets that depreciate on a time scale, they are consumables that are written down tp $0 immediately upon use.

However ignoring human nature to see a 'used' disc as being worthless than an untouched disc, companies sees a used game to be exactly the same as a new game because the 'utility' or enjoyment derived is exactly the same. Which is why we see companies coming up with new schemes to squeeze a few bucks from a revenue stream they can't have.

tigertom531963d ago

Maybe if the Console was free that I wouldn't mind be a slave to the console...

imahustla191963d ago

i can agree with that, give me the system free and maybe ill buy an exclusive or 2

green1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

You are so right. It is disgusting what they are trying to turn gaming into.

I am West African and my 10 years old nephew loves gaming like i did when i was a kid. I gave him my original XBOX 360 along with some age appropriate games then got the S for myself. When he is in the UK on holidays, i buy him games and also pass some of my old games over to him.

Now, he can not own an XBOX ONE because he does not have internet access at home, i can not buy him used games or most importantly pass my own games down to him.

Sorry but there is no way on Gods green earth that i will accept this kind of practice. Microsoft have E3 to show me they really care about the gamer and till November to change their stance on always online and used games. Because come launch month, i will be buying two consoles for myself and my nephew and it will come with a PS4 logo on it.

imahustla191963d ago

microsoft is interested in a specific demographic, mainly people with extra money and that dont help anyone especially you. thats a shitty situation good thing theres still competition in the market....well for now atleast till xbone bombs cuzs of this stuff

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SlavisH21963d ago

This won't kill gaming. It didn't for PC. Does it suck,yes. I'm not a Sony fan girl but people need to speak with cash not mouths. The sad thing is this could become standard next Gen.

Agent_00_Revan1963d ago

I've seen the PC debate thrown around so much recently, and while there are good points, there are still many differences.

Not being able to sell your PC games is offset by the fact that you can get games off Steam sales for $5-20 vs. $60 retail. And I don't see the Next Gen games coming down in price when they know they can get it.

Always connected is different with PC because, thats what the device is for, it's entirely what most of us use it for and it stays right there at my desk hooked up. I don't play on a laptop, so it doesn't move. But I take my PS3 EVERYWHERE, and rarely have a connection. Sometimes even if ones available, I don't connect, because I don't need to. I play single player games. It's not required.

But sadly you may be right, it may become the standard.

Starbucks_Fan1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

IT didn't kill PC gaming because PC games are so damn cheap, a good reason why I am considering switching to PC in the future.

Raccoon1963d ago

If its a standard next gen which I doubt Sony and Nintendo would follow seeing the feedback Microsoft is getting mark my words I will quit gaming on consoles FOREVER! These limitations are outrageous to human rights! Where is our dignity? Must I eventually pay for the air I breathe? Because if you support Microsoft you're supporting this business model that we must reward a company for every decision we make with what we supposedly *own*...

I always try to lead my life by examples and supporting this kind of business is something I simply cannot do. Human mass control is on a rise, they try to control our life, our income, our education, our media and now what we own! What will happen to you when you are denied a proper education? And denied a job because the lack of this education? When you can't afford the luxury of a hobby because you lack the income for shelter? Will you roll over and die or indulge the tax machine and the modern slaveship?

My grandparents told me a of a time where they owned their land, shelter and food. They were the gods of there land they passed judgement on those who entered it and that only those with equal or higher power could come and challenge it.
Well, they came, they challenged, they owned... Like our primitive siblings we traded food and land for gold and vise-versa because its human nature to want what we don't have.


Agent_00_Revan1963d ago

Considering its a Kotaku article, I thought it was actually really good.

Damn right companies aren't going to let us do all that stuff, maybe for a price. Microsoft can tout all they want about Xbox One has the ability to 'allow' you to trade games, share games, etc. But all that is in the hands of the developers.

And thats going to be a fun mess in itself figuring out which company will let you do which thing, and knowing the games each make.

I really hope we've reached the point where enough is enough. The outcry over this has been Huge. If people stick to their word and don't buy the One, it could be a big turn around.

Gaming has been a hobby of mine, and many of us out there since we were little kids. It's hard to see it becoming, what ever Micrsoft is trying to do to it.

The ball lies with Sony now. I'll be watching closely.

from the beach1963d ago

Such a spineless piece of grandstanding. Are you buying an Xbox One, Luke Plunkett?

from the beach1963d ago

Replying to myself here, lol, because I think it's ridiculous no-one else has picked up on this point.

The games media has been full of these chest-thumping articles today but how many have clarified what their stance is on Xbox One? Are they against it? Are they boycotting it? Or is this just hot air - because if it is, it's beyond pathetic.


Talk about a bad taste in your mouth.

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