What Nintendon’t: Why Wii U is suddenly looking good

James O'Connor of MMGN: The Wii U is far from a perfect console, and has had an extremely troubled launch period. But the Xbox One reveal has given me a better appreciation for what I actually want out of Nintendo’s device, and some hope that it might actually be able to provide it.

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batbatz1960d ago

agreed, MS are screwing their customers with their pay full price to rent your game until their service goes offline..

Nintendo and Wii U is looking much better..

kirbyu1960d ago

Especially since the new Mario Kart is coming. With how popular MK Wii was, this new one will likely sell some units.

FlyingFoxy1960d ago

They need the Mission mode like the one in the DS version to come back, that added quite a lot more content to the game in my opinion.

Triforce0791960d ago

Try nearly 30 million worldwide and it sold huge in UK so yeah wiiu will pick up and with this just being 1 of the many games due out expect sales to soar.

mcstorm1960d ago

Ive said all along the Wiiu sales will pickup once the big name games like Mario kart hit. It was the same with the 3DS.

I am really enjoying my WiiU and cant wait to get some of the Big N games on the system later on this year.

3-4-51959d ago

plus super smash, 3D mario, legend of zelda both new and WW HD, Pikmin 3, and another 4-5 games we don't know of yet.

Wii U is going to be awesome in 2-3 years and be worth purchasing probably right after E3 is finished announcing everything.

Sono4211959d ago

Do NOT forget about the next smash bros. trailer is going to be at this E3! I couldn't be more excited.. Smash bros will always hold a special place in my heart...

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Triforce0791960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

With this site they always have to point out the wiiu is less powerful like they get paid to say so because i dont think it is the wiiu is more powerful graphics wise than xbox one and its almost a fact a custom HD6770 with edram will smoke the xbox one in graphics i'm very sorry but its true,and if the rumour of ninty upping the clock speeds is true then its about 3 times as powerful.

herbs1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Buddy the Wii U isn't as underpowered as its made out to be but stating its more powerful graphically than the Xbox One as a fact is just strait up ignorant. It's more powerful than a 360 or PS3 for sure but don't get carried away on your fantasy fanboy train.

Shnazzyone1959d ago

well processor and ram wise I suppose that's not true. but a killer video card can go a long long way. Shame it has only a gig for games though. however, that should be sufficient. It's definitely better than current gen and nintendo's e3 better show that.

_QQ_1959d ago

WIIU has looked good since the January Direct.

AWBrawler1959d ago

Yeah its like everyone forgot about that

N4g_null1959d ago

It really was a matter of people getting off those hype trains. People really though we where going to see another huge jump and we didn't.

Then there is the reality that the wiiu does have good games coming.

Rockstar1959d ago

OMG. I have very fond memories of playing Mario Kart battle mode on SNES with my friends when I was A kid.

Bring on more Mario Kart!

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Relientk771960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

After everything Microsoft has been saying about the Xbox One since the reveal

The Wii U is looking very more appealing, and soon we will see

Smash Bros
3D Mario
Mario Kart
The Legend of Zelda Wii U
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
and more

Rusty5151960d ago

How bout some new IPs...

Qrphe1960d ago

X is probably a new IP, and surely Retro has something new to show

Relientk771960d ago

I hope so, I don't want just sequels

Rusty5151960d ago

Qrphe: A new retro IP would be awesome.

3-4-51959d ago

New IP's are only good if the game is quality and fun.

We really don't need another hannah montana type NEW IP on Wii U....

You need these super games to carry the wii U because there aren't as many 3rd parties developing for them.

Once they release, the install base grows, giving more incentive for 3rd parties to make games for Wii U.

The 3rd Party explosion on Wii U wont' happen for another 2-4 years.

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SexyGamerDude1960d ago

Compared to Microsoft, Nintendo is like a knight in shining armor.

Kos-Mos1960d ago

And sony godamnit. Nintendo knows what gaming is about.

Brucis1960d ago

I'm not quite sure if you're saying 'Compared to MS and Sony' or if it's 'Nintendo and Sony are like KiSA'. I'm assuming the former based on your second sentence.

TongkatAli1960d ago

Yeah, it does, but Sony has better ...... never mind X )

dethpuck1960d ago

Nintendo is old news and a toy. They don't get online at all. Microsoft and the cloud is the future. Perfect, no but it's better than last gen tech.

Triforce0791960d ago

Well what have i been doing the last 6 months with black ops 2 wiiu then,its called online gaming with no hiccups and voice chat that is more streamlined as you don't need a headset from a call centre to enjoy it.

Hicken1960d ago

Don't waste your time. His comment history says he knows nothing about gaming.

Just marked him for trolling, and I'm moving on.

TripC501960d ago

"Nintendo is old news and a toy"
How old are you?

just-joe1960d ago

Wow, I wonder why? Maybe because Nintendo is a TOY COMPANY. Unlike some companies, Nintendo doesn't hide the fact they make toys.

latincooker2141960d ago

no bs but today at walmart i played the Wii U for the first time it was a demo of super mario and it was fun no BS i just think the price is just a lil to high right now but if we hear some news at E3 about the price going down well it looks like me and reggie need to talk lol:) PS4 FTW:)

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