Third Assassin for Batman Arkham Origins Confirmed

First Deathstroke, then Deadshot, now Bane has been confirmed as an assassin in Batman Arkham Origins. caught the slip of the tongue from Holmes in the video interview with EP Daily during the E3 Press Preview event, during which Creative Director Eric Holmes revealed that Bane will not only be in the game, but be acting as one of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask to kill the Batman.

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ab5olut10n1960d ago

Bane doesn't necessarily come to mind when I hear 'assassin'.

GenericNameHere1960d ago

Yeah, when I hear of Assassins, I think of professional murderers like Hitmans and Ninjas who try to indirectly kill their targets or kill from the shadows, and if they do get caught, they're really fast and good at disguising themselves or blending in with a crowd. Bane's too bulky to be an Assassin. Just make him a Brute like he's been since his debut.

Dr Pepper1960d ago

From Merriam-Webster: "a person who commits murder; especially : one who murders a politically important person either for hire or from fanatical motives"

So he does fit the mold, just not what assassins are usually portrayed as.

ironfist921960d ago

Im concerned of this game when the developers consider Bane as an "Assassin"

He's a terrorist, a mercenary at most, but definitely not an assassin.

toxic-inferno1960d ago

I know this opinion is going to be controversial, but I like the decision to have Bane as one of the assassins. He's been used as nothing but a brute for the last two games, and it will be good to finally see more of his character coming out. While I agree that he isn't exactly the traditional "assassin", you can't really deny that having him in that role will open up new routes for his character development.

3-4-51960d ago

so you guys would rather him fight 8 identical ninja type dudes instead of 8 different types of characters ?

No wonder developers get confused.

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IllumMaster1960d ago

Whilst he's not narrowly defined as an assassin, comicbook-Bane did often work as a mercenary. I think, for the purposes of a videogame, the line between assassin and mercenary has been blurred by the developer. As long as he is portrayed with more intelligence than in AC, I'm quite happy for this to happen.

nofallouthero1959d ago

i wonder if he will be smart just like he is in the comics or will he be dumb like he is in the two other games.
also i wonder if Azrael will become batman for a little while in the 4th game.