Tony Hawk's Project 8: Impressions

Fortunately, Neversoft has come to the realization that fans want a real next-gen skateboarding game, and have since been putting work into Tony Hawk's Project 8, which is due for the PS3 and Xbox 360 next month. Gamedaily were able to get our hands on both builds to see how the game was shaping up, and there's a big surprise that may just change everything. Here is a close look at the PS3 edition.

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InMyOpinion5884d ago (Edited 5884d ago )

I want to see what's so next gen with this title. From the gameplay-videos it looks like you'll still be able to pull off as ridicolously unreal tricks (720 triple hardflip anyone?) as in past games, which is sad. Being a retired skater myself, it wud be nice to see a skateboard game that captures what true skating feels like. Another thing thats annoying about past TH games is the speed you travel at. Like skating in fastfastfast forward. I hope theyve done more than cosmetic changes for this one.

Siesser5884d ago

I think EA's SKATE is supposed to provide a more realistic, technical feel to it.

schnodder5883d ago

.... SKATE will be awesome ... i hope!

PS360WII5884d ago

Tony Hawk series has been going downhill since the first one. True it is really rather fake in terms of speed and amount of combos and tricks one can pull off. And yea good question what is so next gen about this one?

Lex Luthor5883d ago

Too bad the PS3 version doesn't have online, i would take online over tilt anyday.