Angry Joe Rant Xbox One Part 2

The followup to the original angry rant appears

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denero12012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

This needs to be seen so help get it approved guys there i fixed the problem that wasn't a problem now can we please get this article published thanks

these guys are fighting a little to hard to keep this video from making it to the open i like to point out he mentions ps3 and sony and the video which is why i tagged it as such

oh and these are responses to the reports

Remove EA, PS3, PS4.
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Wrong source
Fixed 6m ago
Youtube is only allowed as a source for industry profrssional

dedicatedtogamers2012d ago

Hahahah I loved Angry Joe's first vid on the topic and this one - somehow - tops that one.

And before anyone wants to downplay this guy, Angry Joe is one of the BIGGEST 360 fans out there. He reviews (almost) nothing but 360 games.

Derekvinyard132012d ago

Love angry joe, he knows what he's talking about and gives credit where credit is due. You do Not see many gamers like him anymore really uses the point system correctly when scoring games and bring the truth to what he says

showtimefolks2012d ago

Yeh so people can't say it's a playstation fanboys bashing Xbox one.

I don't like the guy a lot but his first video was great and 2nd is even better and that's how I feel about this whole issue too. MS xbox360 was so successful so why did you have to change so many things?

abzdine2012d ago

he mainly reviews 360 but PC games too.
in his last video he says that his primary console will be PS4 and i'm hoping so too because he is a great reviewer and very talented and funny guy.

LOL_WUT2012d ago

I wish I could buy him a PS4 at launch

BattleAxe2012d ago

The picture for the article makes it look like he's trying to be Cole from Infamous :p

Seriously, I never really liked this guy, but I have enjoyed these last couple of rants, and he's spot on regarding the issues surrounding the Xbox One. I only hope that Sony goes the opposite direction of Microsoft concerning some of these policies.

insomnium22012d ago

This guy is great! I'll be looking forward to his next vlog.

ZodTheRipper2012d ago

This guy's great but I'm afraid he'll die of a heart attack in one of his videos someday.

ShinMaster2012d ago

Giving you the privilege of allowing your friends and family to play in your house is a FEATURE!?


xHeavYx2012d ago

I kind of get the feeling that he is upset /s

Sono4212011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

One thing I just thought of.. what if for some reason your Xbox One breaks and you have to get a new one.. then you will always be limited to the 1 hour rule.. your screwed. Also aren't they technically preventing you from buying a used system with the way they set this up? I would think so if they link your account to your system, unless you can somehow deactivate it from the system but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of these hoops? Wouldn't that be a way around it? So F***ing confusing... seriously... why M$

---------------EDIT---------- -----------

Imagine later down the road when the Next consoles come out after PS4 and Xbox One and the servers are taken down for Xbox One.. You can't even go back and play old games(offline).. so you should just sell them... oh wait...

Ritsujun2009d ago

He's finally opened his X-eyes.

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Veneno2012d ago


An Xbox gamer THAT GETS IT!

miyamoto2012d ago

Dang I hate being right all the time about M$ being wrong. Now xbots gimme back my bubbles LOL!

MRMagoo1232011d ago

Dont be silly you have infinite bubbles, if you havent heard this site is run by sony fans and if you are a sony fan you get all the bubbles in the world you and i must both be xbox fans without even knowing it, thats the only way i can explain the low bubbles.

denero12012d ago

Thanks guys it's really an informative video and deserves to be seen by all concerned gamer's or people on the bench about considering next gen

Blackdeath_6632012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

yeah there was a lot of information in the description that wasn't on this site a good break down of the things wrong with this system

-24 hour DRM. (Console checks in once every 24 hours online)
-1 hour DRM if not using home console.
-Mandatory Kinect.
-No renting, no loaning. No private sales (unless selling to someone who has been on your friends list for 30 days)
-Internet connection required.
-Trade-ins are up to the publisher and only at "participating" retailers.
+You can give a game to a friend only if they have been on your friends list for 30 days, and then only ONCE.
+Up to 10 family members can play your games from any console at any time? You & one other at a time.

Also, where is the guarantee that majority of publishers won't restrict me from letting my friend borrow it? Or letting me sell the game if it sucks?
What if Xbox Live Servers go down? or get hacked like Sony Did?"

Raccoon2012d ago

Had to repost my own comment....

If this is a standard next gen which I doubt Sony and Nintendo would follow seeing the feedback Microsoft is getting mark my words I will quit gaming on consoles FOREVER! These limitations are outrageous to human rights! Where is our dignity? Must I eventually pay for the air I breathe? Because if you support Microsoft you're supporting this business model that we must reward a company for every decision we make with what we supposedly *own*...

I always try to lead my life by examples and supporting this kind of business is something I simply cannot do. Human mass control is on a rise, they try to control our life, our income, our education, our media and now what we own! What will happen to you when you are denied a proper education because you can't afford it? And denied a job because the lack of this education? When you can't afford the luxury of a hobby because you lack the income for shelter? Will you roll over and die or indulge the tax machine and the modern slaveship?

My grandparents told me a of a time where they owned their land, shelter and food. They were the gods of there land they passed judgement on those who entered it and that only those with equal or higher power could come and challenge it.
Well, they came, they challenged, they owned... Like our primitive siblings we traded food and land for gold and vise-versa because its human nature to want what we don't have.


Blackdeath_6632012d ago

agreed i am a gamer i like games i enjoy playing online from time to time on a friday afternoon or whatnot but if i am going to have to deal with all this restrictions,bullshit and subscription fees i am not even going to bother will just get the next best thing. if sony does the same and playing on the next playstation becomes just as big a hassle i will just move to pc and so on. if there ever comes a point where to be able to enjoy and have fun with video games you will first have to go through all this trouble then to hell with i will find something else to spend my time or even go back and play old games on my ps2 which i still enjoy.

Plagasx2012d ago

Man, he really feeds my anger for all this crap. WELL DONE!!!

Narutone662012d ago

MS must be doing something really wrong when their die hard fans are angry at the directions MS are taking.

KiRBY30002012d ago

i got mad respect for Angry Joe. i wish this would make the front page so that more people see it.

Rusty5152012d ago

11:30 lmao that's so pathetic how they put that as a bullet point

Relientk772012d ago

Ok this is pretty funny lol

coolmast3r2012d ago

Not only funny but also informative =)

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