Phantasy Star Online 2 For Vita Reaches 500,000 Users

Phantasy Star Online 2 is doing pretty well on PlayStation Vita. Service for the Vita version started at the end of February, so it took about three months to break the 500,000 user mark. Sega announced the news today.

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sherimae24131960d ago

i hope sega announces this at e3, that they willl finally localized this game before the year ends ^_^

TongkatAli1960d ago

Free to play : D

Bring it Sega

jujubee881960d ago

That game makes me want to learn Japanese. The one and only game that has ever made me want to do that!

SEGA pls localize it, on VITA specifically. PC would be fine but I want this to play on my VITA.


knifefight1960d ago

Not only is it free to play, it's free to DOWNLOAD. It's a completely free game.

Kte1960d ago

Woah, they are rising fast :O

IcicleTrepan1960d ago

Yeah they've been saying it's coming for a long time now. I seriously hope it happens soon. I've been checking their site every couple of weeks for months now and no news! I'd love to see this on console as well.

Frodosmugins1960d ago

Got my copy whilst I was in Japan!
Don't understand a word but managed to lvl up to 13!
But most of the time I get frustrated not understanding anything and switch it of!

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strigoi8141960d ago

Well it will be 500,001 if i where there

If they localize it here in NA coz i will be one of that too many users

NioRide1960d ago

Been playing it on PC since release. The game is fantastic and plays very well.

It's sad though that the modding community was able to have patches up for english content in a matter of weeks after release, while the localization hadn't had a word of and ended up being pushed back several times.

Clover9041960d ago

I'm sorry, what do you mean? Are you saying that you're playing Japanese PC version with mods that translate everything to English?

NioRide1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yes, They have been around for a good while, I was even online during the Miku concert Sega had.

I have videos too I can link those for you as well if you like.

Last time I was on they were starting to work on the story patching, items are the only thing they couldn't patch because that is server side, not user.

There is a bit here you can see the items are translated, but most of the story bits are, and the missions and monster names.

And the Miku show they had.
And you can see the story was translated in this video

And a old boss fight.

Clover9041960d ago

Wow, thank you! I see why you have so many bubbles :)

Onixg5mer1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Soka, ah! arigato!!

LAWSON721959d ago

Thid game was fun but needs english