Indiegogo Picks: The Black Tower

GameZebo: I’ve played through Final Fantasy VII at least ten times since its release in 1997. Unfortunately, no matter how much you love making the journey beyond Midgar, the trip gets harder every year. The clunky controls, abstract graphics, and “active” time battles have not held up over the years, leaving fans with a nostalgic fondness for a game they can no longer enjoy. The creators of The Black Tower share that nostalgia, but acknowledge it’s 2013 with their “neo-retro” homage to one of Square’s finest, and PS1 RPGs in general.

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NioRide1959d ago

To me this looks just bad, they should really focus on their character animations, lighting, and combat before they attempt to make a full game.

Make a few animated scenes for practice, work on some high detailed models for practice and then work on some combat that isn't so stale.

Yea its a preview of the game, but they are taking to big of a jump for not having tried something before.