Editor’s Letter: Polygon, The Developing Story of Being First

The point of developing stories is to keep you abreast of the news as it happens - the president has been shot; he has been brought to hospital; he's fine, it was a BB gun. It make sense as it ensures you are as informed as possible as soon as possible. - PSLS

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knifefight2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Yeah Polygon seems to have figured out what makes people mad, then rageclick. Then they rake in all that sweet sweet rage money and do it again next week. Readers need to wise up to their game.

If it's not rage (like with their reviews), then it's confusion and bad reporting (like with the news that this article is talking about). The whole site is a mess. People need to ignore it.

This is a great article exposing the details. I'm gonna pass it around whenever I see people talking about anything on Polygon.

adorie2013d ago

I'm not mad, I'm disgusted. Also, I have learned long ago to not feed the trolls, and in this instance, Polygon. I'd rather see them starve than receive a click from me. I'd slap my own hand if I should ever click their site by mistake. >:/

Terrible website and personnel.

Wenis2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Everyone is upset with Polygon for their reivew of TLOU, but did anyone actually read the review? There was nothing 'disgusting' or fanboyish about it. It just sounded like a guy who didn't think the game was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I mean seriously, its like some people only want to hear, well, what they want to hear, and get all pissy and moany when someone doesn't roll out the red carpet and give the game a proverbial blowjob. And hell it was a 7.5, its not like he gave it a 4 or something.

PockyKing2013d ago


Did you read the review? Reviews are not supposed to be focused on your opinion of the game. You're supposed to review the quality of the game as a professional reviewer. Opinionated stuff is for personal blogs, not a professional website like Polygon.

His arguments were outlandish. Too violent? Are you joking? The M rating is there for a reason. The game made him feel like he was a bad person. Uh, since when has another game gave you an emotion like that??

I could honestly care less about the score, aside from the fact that Metacritic can affect peoples pay, but even so, I don't think Sony would really bother with a site that is funded by Microsoft to affect the score.

TL;DR - His review was marred by his opinion of the game and his content didn't match up with the review. And a site that is known to be funded by Microsoft, giving a game that practically every other publication on the net is giving high appraisal a low score is bound to turn heads and I'm sure they knew that.

Wenis2013d ago

Pocky, again, have YOU read the review? Directly after he claimed it was 'violent', he said "The Last of Us' graphics, animation and sound design are some of the best I've ever experienced". He was being sarcastic, and by saying how violent it is, he was praising the graphics/animation etc.

Whatever though, the game has been mostly getting 9s and 10s across the board which is usually a sign of a great game. But don't realistically expect everyone to hold the same opinion as each other, that's just having a herd mentality.

NewMonday2013d ago

Polygon are using every sleazy trick a website can.

I don't remember a gaming website rising so fast to infamy

Polygon want's your clicks, don't give to them

don't go to their website to complain or rage, that's why they troll in the first place.

just downvote them in N4G, and hopefully they disappear and fail.

3-4-52012d ago

A lot of people aren't that intelligent. They don't realize it though, so they don't comprehend that they are being tricked and need to smarten up.

They actually already think they are smart, which leads them to being tricked in the first place.

ElitaStorm2013d ago

well people do nasty stuff for money..

JonnyBigBoss2013d ago

I'm glad people are standing up to this. I detest such wicked journalism.

ElitaStorm2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

this article put a smile on my face.

Yesterday i got really pissed off about the TLOS review and again it was no about the score it was about the person that reviewed it, he was trying so hard to hate the game and his focus was mainly on the things he was bad at, aiming for instance.

and he said it was too violent, i guess he forgot to look at the game rating(The Last of US is rated 18 btw)

andron2013d ago

Funnily enough I hadn't even heard of Polygon before this "debacle". Won't be a regular at that site...

SOULJER2013d ago

I've never heard of this site. Until they gave The Last of Us a weak review. I guess in their minds mission accomplish.

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