The Wii U: Six Months Later

MTB: EA has had some interesting comments to make about the Wii U lately. Well, by interesting I mean ugly. The company has no games in the works for the system right now, and considering this is the company that will try just about anything to make a buck, that seems a little worrisome for a system I dropped an entire paycheck on. EA’s lead engineer, Bob Summerwill, has made some claims that have cut through the PR screen that tends to go around these kind of announcements; at least being refreshingly clear on how he is feeling about the system and the folks at Nintendo.

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Hatsune-Miku1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

the wii u : eight months later

the wii u came out last year november and its now june. the disagrees must be from nintendo extremists who will lie and make things seem better about the wii u. the wii u is done with

LOL_WUT1963d ago

8 months and the console still hasn't proven itself, still no 1080p, lack of games, loosing dev support, Nintendo should've been better prepared. ;)

Kevlar0091963d ago

"We learned from the launch of the 3DS"

Yeah, sure. Biggest thing that frustrates me with Nintendo

andibandit1963d ago

Too bad we aren't gonna hear Reggie at E3 telling us all how Wii U, has changed the world for gamers.

guitarded771963d ago

@ andibandit

That's the only positive of Nintendo not doing a live presser. Reggie reminds me of a sleazy used car salesman. He so insincere and says things akin to "you should be honored to play Nintendo games". I was rewatching an interview from last E3 with him, and he's such a douche. Nintendo really needs to find some new faces to relay their info. The Nintendo Treehouse guy isn't that bad, but Reggie is horrible and Iwata seems like a robot.

herbs1963d ago

Totally agree about that (we learned from the 3DS) Bulls#%* and saying how (easy it is to port games for) also a bunch of Bulls#%* Its possible the thing they actually learned from the 3ds launch was that they can overcharge gamers for the first 6 months because they know the hardcore fans will buy regardless of a lack of software and low end specs then offer a price cut followed by some decent releases. Wouldn't be surprised if history repeats still Bulls#%* though.

Realplaya1963d ago

@ LOL_WUT Damn you troll all Nintendo Wii U articles don't you?

Knushwood Butt1963d ago

More importantly, NOBODY has figured out what to do with that controller.

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DivineAssault 1963d ago

if only the wii u had released some NEW exclusive IPs during this 8 months.. I think nintendo shouldve waited to release the wii u.. Had they held back another yr & released around the same time as sony/m$, they might have did better.. Maybe a gamepad with better battery life, more horsepower, bigger list of games, no need for those nasty updates out the box, & a cheaper price point.. I bet wii u wouldve sold more & not got the bad reputation it has now..

Nintendo can improve the wii us status of course but some of the damage is already done & theres many people who wont even give it a chance now because of their ignorance thinking its a wii in HD w a fisher price tablet controller... Oh well, i hope that hour long ND has some good enough new software to get peoples attention.. 3DS has some excellent games incoming but the wii u has nothing i care about other than bayo 2, & smash bros..

CaulkSlap1963d ago

What just baffles me is that they're completely unwilling to use their cash hoards from Wii/DS to finance new studios and a system with modern specs. Instead they tried for a repeat of the Wii gimmick and it fell flat on its face with no games to back it up. Nintendo under different management could have easily dominated this console generation.

DivineAssault 1963d ago

Iwata needs to step down.. Or at least step aside & let in some fresh ideals from a newer generation.. His ancient beliefs are going to hold them back & this system will keep em there for a whole console gen.. They need to improve their network & they need to use some of that cash hoard to have games made by 3rd party tailored for the wii u.. They will have some fantastic 1st party games no doubt but they need some M rated exclusives for an older audience as well.. If not, its going to be just like gamecube & not sell..

Game cube had an advantage in its time because it was more powerful than PS2, the wii u isnt so lucky.. The ram alone is embarrassing compared to PS4.. 1GB of ddr3 for games on wii u while PS4 has 7GB of gddr5! Thats such a big gap that devs wont even bother trying to downscale & port games at all.. As long as devs continue supporting current gen systems, wii u has a chance to get more games (if iwata hustles!) but the way things are now, even current gen projects are skipping right over wii u leaving it with nothing.. They have support from Ubisoft & Platinum games which is nothing compared to the 100s of studios sony has.. Even M$ which only found success this one time with the 360 has much more support than nintendo who has been around since the 80s.. Thats sad

MadMen1963d ago

The Wii U: Six Months Later

a dud, waste of time system and an embarrassment for nintendo

akaihana86plus1963d ago

Awwww, look at this, isn't this troll gathering group so sweet?, now, you can go ahead and kiss each others ARSS!!!

DarkBlood1963d ago

lol, yeah it seems like they want nintendo to die or something

its doing perfectly fine the games will come obviously theres quite alot im looking forward too

akaihana86plus1963d ago

Sadly these people will never change, oh well, but in another more interesting news, next Tuesday is gonna be great for Nintendo!, Miiverse turned into a crazy celebration after opening the E3 Direct group!, i wish this site were more like Miiverse! lol

LOL_WUT1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

For what? So you can get a 2 week ban for the silliest of things, like debating or stating an opinion? ;)

Other than that i'm looking forward to what Nintendo has to offer... ;)

akaihana86plus1963d ago

@LOL_WUT, that's such a big lie!, you do not get banned by stating your Opinion, you get banned if you start trolling and using bad language against other users or just for the sake of trying to be funny, the same goes if your drawings show sexual stuff, the problem with you is that you are so bipolar towards Nintendo, on one article you attack them and on another you seem like if you would really care about them, you either do or don't.
" i'm looking forward to what Nintendo has to offer... ;)"
I don't believe you, sorry ;)

Realplaya1963d ago

@ LOL_WUT Spoken like a tru troll bu the system then talk about the bans on Miiverse don't go spiting nonsense lies.

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