Microsoft's Shortsighted Approach Might Have Already Killed Xbox One

Mark Rogowsky @ Forbes writes:
"Microsoft is absolutely going to war with a couple of key features people have taken for granted since almost the days of Atari:
Your right to buy used games is no longer absolute.
Game rentals as we know them are effectively dead.
Offline play is over.
There’s a lot of money at stake."

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zeal0us1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Yep regardless how terrible the requirements for the Xbox One are, some people will still buy it. Just look Simcity, people still brought it in spite of the always online requirement. The same can be said about Diablo 3.

Some of the core players are up in arms about the requirements and threaten to jump over to Sony. However some of the hardcore CoD, Halo, Gears players will still buy the Xbox one. Majority of them tend to be online, a lot. They buy these games new, day one. They probably won't even have a problem Kinect so long as it doesn't interfere with their gaming. So basically they won't have a problem with the Xbox One so long as they can play their games.

blitz06231964d ago

Those are games. This is a console. Totally different story.

yesmynameissumo1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Are up to 75 million people willing to no longer be the ones with requirements? Now our consoles have requirements of us? SMH. So I can't rent? Lend out to someone not on my friends list for 30 days? Wha? Complete lunacy.

tuglu_pati1964d ago

"some people"? A lot of people wil still buy it.

BitbyDeath1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Didn't even think of the damage this move will do to rental stores.

@yesmynameissumo, 40 million of that 75 do not even have a silver/gold account.

JokesOnYou1964d ago

lol, its going to sell like hotcakes, bookmark and watch and see. Yeah the used game policy is more restrictive but better than what we heard the first time it seems publishers are demanding some compensation. Overall I'm satisfied, just show me the games now.

zeal0us1964d ago

Those are games that will be on the Xbox One, either at launch or somewhere down the line.
Some of those gamers don't care how Microsoft treat them so long as they get the next CoD, Halo, Gears or etc.

blitz06231964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

some of them may not, but some do.

And when most people get the PS4, those gamers will realize there's not many people left and will get the PS4.

Besides, there is absolutely no reason to get the Xbox One and avoid the PS4 right now. Before there was, because there was already an install base, where most CoD players started on the 360. But next gen, there won't be a head start for the X1 to gather gamers. When most people start on the PS4, everyone will follow suit.

The_Con-Sept1964d ago

I guess it has become more of a battle between offline and online games.... Either way indie devs are screwed on the XBOne. I'm glad they have PS4 to go to.

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dedicatedtogamers1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Xbox One's success depends on two massive, risky, unreliable assumptions:

Assumption #1 - Core 360 gamers will get the Xbox One no matter what. This is a huge assumption and based on the internet backlash, we're seeing this assumption crumble before our very eyes. And before anyone says "but but but internet doesn't represent the majority", kindly get your head out of 2004. We are more connected than ever today, and news about this stuff spreads fast.

Assumption #2 - Microsoft will be able to sell this thing to cable/satellite subscribers. Keep in mind, Xbox One isn't offering them any NEW content. It is simply offering them a more (possibly) convenient method of accessing the content they already own. Considering how cable/satellite subs are on the decline, I'm curious to see how this will play out.

The thing about assumptions is they tend to bite you in the butt.

LOGICWINS1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

If the Internet represented the majority, Call of Duty wouldnt break records every year. Its easily the most consistently bashed gaming franchise on the Internet. As a society we are connected, but we still segregate ourselves into groups, hardcore gamer, casual gamer etc.

Its been proven every year that most gamers dont care about review scores or GOTY awards, despite these two things being the equivalent of the Bible and the Quran on N4G.

The point is, backlash/unions on the Internet usually amount to nothing in the real world. The only time I remember it actually working in a big way was with SOPA.

adorie1964d ago

"If the Internet represented the majority"
Kony, SOPA, PIPA, Japan Earthquake, Boston Bombings... Think you get the idea.

The negative response is stacking more and more against microsoft with every new piece of anti-consumer and pro-corporate decision.

Businesses are out to make money, sure, but how do you make money if you're turning away the very same people you want to sell your product to?
If "gamers" aren't the ones this box is directed at then who is it directed at?

I'm hearing conflicting comments from xbox fanboys and MS executives, but regarding the former, at least the DRm stuff is cleared up now. -_-

MikeMyers1964d ago


"The thing about assumptions is they tend to bite you in the butt."

You're right, you assumed just today that the Xbox One wouldn't allow used games.

How many times have we seen on the net not to buy Call of Duty? How does that annual petition work out?

If Microsoft can provide compelling hardware that works as advertised while offering unique gaming experiences they will do just fine. Diablo III sold over 10 million copies on a platform plagued by piracy and it has DRM built in.

The online connection is of no worries. Netflix has proven to be a huge success, the most successful game franchise on the PS3 and Xbox 360 is a game most play online, Call of Duty. In fact to get the best value out of consoles today you should be connected.

Kinect can be turned off so all the conspiracy tinfoil hat wearers can rest easy.

The issue boils down to used games. How impactful is that really? We buy games all the time on Playstation Network, Nintendo Online, Xbox Live, Steam, IOS devices and so on that don't even offer used games or the ability to sell or trade items. The Xbox One will allow used games. It will just be controlled by licensed dealers now. You can still lend games to friends, that was one excuse. So is it all really about money? That you fear you won't get as much for that used game?

Most of the worries seem to be based purely on principal. Sorry but most folks don't post all day talking about issues like this, they're too busy getting on with their lives and buying things they want.

mav8051964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )


Actually the fact that games like cod are consistently the highest selling games each year doesn't prevent the Internet from representing the majority at all.

When you talk about "most" gamers not caring about scores, awards, etc. that conclusion isn't represented by the evidence because the majority, by a HUGE margin, of xbox/ps owners still do not buy cod each year, even if it's the most successful game.

DigitalRaptor1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

@ LOGICWINS @ MikeMyers

There's a difference between a group of people's OPINIONS about Call of Duty's staleness, and the FACTUAL information we know about the Xbox One being, unequivocally, an anti-consumer device with anti-consumer restrictions.

@ MikeMyers

"Netflix has proven to be a huge success"

What kind of point are you trying to make, really? You can still play physical movies on your console without Netflix.

"In fact to get the best value out of consoles today you should be connected."

This is literally corporate apologising at its lowest. Stop pretending that it's okay for a console to be connected at least once a day to play physical offline content. What about those that cannot afford Internet one month, but want to play the games they already own? There's no freakin upside to this man. Just none. So don't pretend like its "no worries" for anyone but yourself and other MS-defending clowns.

"Kinect can be turned off so all the conspiracy tinfoil hat wearers can rest easy."

It's always listening, and it is required to be connected to your console for the console to function. It's not always about MS listening in, but the fact that you HAVE to have that camera sitting somewhere plugged into your console that is an issue. What if your Kinect 2.0 breaks?

"The Xbox One will allow used games. It will just be controlled by licensed dealers now"

The problem that exists here is that this decision will kill independent retailers. Think man, just think.

So as usual with you MS defenders, you're not looking at the bigger picture - just a way to try make your arguments seem valid so you can keep supporting MS and feel less bad about it.

And if you think there isn't more to add the story that MS aren't telling yet, you'll be in for a surprise. You'll have to shoehorn that into your defense, but you'll still be a-defending corporate greed and anti-consumer restrictions.

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Urusernamesucks1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

At this point... they got two choices, give up and sell the gaming division, or learn from their mistakes. Judging ms, theyl probably sell it.

Mounce1964d ago

Would you prefer 'Has' instead of Might? Some would.

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FrigidDARKNESS1964d ago

Lmao at this article rgardless of their blunder the console is popular as hell breakingpre order numbers.

dedicatedtogamers1964d ago

You know what else broke pre-order numbers?


HammadTheBeast1964d ago

At the randomest of places.

One, a store franchise that apparently still exists after barely escaping bankruptcy.

And two, from a glorified grocery store.

S2Killinit1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

You know I see that you are lyao but I'm not sure if you should be, considering it's us gamers that are the ones being laughed at if microsoft executes this plan successfully. I don't know, maybe its my bias but at the same time, I honestly believe that microsoft's plans are going to end badly for gamers. Just food for thought.

godzookie1964d ago

MS have to hit it out of the park @ E3

LOGICWINS1964d ago

If the past is any indication, MS could skip E3 entirely and still sell Xbox Ones without any issues. I can't remember the last time they had a decent E3...yet 360s still sell.

batbatz1964d ago

I dont need another cable box,