Microsoft Responds to Xbox One DRM

It's easy to relate to all the hate that the media and gamers are giving Microsoft about some of the crazy plans for daily use of the Xbox One. Microsoft released a statement earlier today clarifying some of the issues that most people seem to be having issues with.

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Rusty5151963d ago

Oh look. A commentator playing call of duty. How original.

first1NFANTRY1963d ago

downvoted the site. Don't waste my time showing a vid of you playing cod. stick to the subject.

Raccoon1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Microsoft and their fee machine, god I hope gamers don't support there demonic schemes....

SignifiedSix911963d ago

I'll definitely be supporting it along with millions more :)

DragonKnight1963d ago

@bodybombs: Don't ask. If SignifiedSix91 didn't care about the part where he was supporting "demonic schemes" and a "fee machine", no answer he/she/it can give you will be one that you can accept because it's utterly ridiculous of anyone to actually want to support this thing unless they are being paid to.

SignifiedSix911963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Because i have good internet and don't buy used games or lend mine out.

None of this s**t bothers me.

Is that bad?

Edit: also don't mind paying a cheap $60 a year.

insomnium21963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )


Taking it up the bum is not bad either (I presume). It just feels unconfortable is all. It's ok if it's your loved one who does it....right?

Ontopic: MS is handing nextgen to Sony on a silver plate. Thanks MS. However if you succeed with your BS it looks like the entire industry crumbles and I will be a PC gamer in the future.

No matter what happens do not I repeat DO NOT follow this BS Sony. I'll quit your ass too if you do.

DOMination-1963d ago

Steam and Origin are just as bad if not worse so enjoy that pc gaming.

This is an inevitable future. People are not really that worried about rhe policies, they are just scared of change.

Studio-YaMi1963d ago

Oh .. I bet your mom pays for your consoles and games ? don't have responsibilities do you now ? no collage no family no friends ? are you a basement dweller by any chance !? :|

No offense with all that,but what you stated is just saying "I love taking it from Microsoft" !

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Narutone661963d ago

The XB1 is like an arcade machine where you have to feed it money to play every time. Only thing is that it doesn't accept loose change, but dollar bills.

RiPPn1963d ago

The guy who made this video is a moron.

jc485731963d ago

xboxone is just a fu**ing PC

Myze1963d ago

...What an insult to PC's.

DragonKnight1963d ago

Seriously, don't insult PCs like that.

jc485731963d ago

no, it means there is no reason to purchase an xboxone if you have a PC.

DragonKnight1963d ago

That doesn't make any sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.