Game Informer: Phil Harrison Interview

While Sony answered many questions at the Gamers' Day today, it only added fuel to the fire. GI had the opportunity for a quick chat with Sony's President of Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison to talk about media streaming, casual games, region free gaming, and much more.

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12Volt5892d ago

He misunderstood the local network thing.. he probably thought Billy was asking him if you could detect the ps3 on your network.. like if you go to my network places on your computer, and browse the ps3...

Clearly you will be able to connect and usb device and play your media on it... YAY I can finally stop watching my anime on my PC!!!

bohemian 235892d ago

No more anime on my pc that't gotta be worth the 600 plus dollars.

Siesser5892d ago

Glad to see some like-minded people :-)

176 gigs of anime that I can now watch on my 30 inch tv, isntead of my 17 inc pc monitor. Can't wait. And I can watch Red vs. Blue on tv now (no, I don't buy the dvds, but I am a sponsor), or all the Home Movies episodes I have. Fun fun fun.