Why E3 needs Apple

Digitally Downloaded writes: "E3 positions itself as the biggest, most important convention for the games industry. Here is the place where the big announcements are made and the who's who of the most important game developers, publishers, and console manufacturers come together to not only show us what we'll be playing over the next year, but the very direction that the games industry is heading.

In that context, the absence of Apple is a great big gap in E3's strategy."

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Stealthypengui2050d ago

This is dumb apple has its own conference the same day.

MattS2050d ago

It's always fun when people read a headline and comment without reading the article.

The article mentions that Apple has its own conference. In fact, the whole article is about how E3 needs Apple. Not the other way around.

DragonKnight2050d ago

Yes, because E3 needs another anti-consumer, DRM expert, pushing lacklustre mobile games on a fee machine.

FrigidDARKNESS2050d ago

I would love to see Apple enter the video console market definitely would be a threat to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

CrossingEden2050d ago

they already rule the mobile market

adorie2050d ago

I thought Mobile belonged to Samsung and Google? :O news to me!

KwietStorm2050d ago

Second place doesn't rule anything.

ab5olut10n2050d ago

Exactly. The more competition, the better.

Minato-Namikaze2050d ago

Sony already killed the pippin.

Red_Devilz2050d ago

No it doesn't. I don't wanna see this control freak engulfing my beloved gaming industry.

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