Adam’s E3 2013 Predictions Part 1: Microsoft

Adam writes, "For those who are unaware, I believe this is my fourth consecutive year writing ahead of time about what to expect from the big three video game console manufacturers at E3, the world’s largest video game expo. If you are a gamer, you have been counting down the days to this event. When E3 starts next week, the biggest news from the video game industry this year will arrive all at once."

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nigelp5201984d ago

Don Mattrick will walk on stage with his stupid smile talk about timed exclusives and timed dlc. He will then show around 4 most have games i prolly wanna play. Kudo whatever his name is is going to talk about kinect games and features and clap to himself thinking he is cool wearing glasses

GenericNameHere1984d ago

Before finally ending the show with COD Ghosts or Halo 5, Microsoft will have a quick commercial break with another concert.
"This E3 was hard to manage, you know!", says the eccentric but now tired Don Mattrick. "Manage... Man...age... Man...aj.... Manaj.... MANAJ! NIKKI MANAJ!! People in the audience, NIKKI MONAJ LIVE ON STAGE!!"

FamilyGuy1984d ago

Lol, that lead reminded me of south park

One4U1984d ago

Hopefully not usher !

360degrees1984d ago

I predict Microsoft has once again set themselves up to take another E3 by storm, impressing the crowds with not only its multitude of games, but the incredible features of the Xbox One gaming console. While many "biased" gamers claim to see a doom and gloom scenario for the highly successful Microsoft, I envision something different. A scenario where Microsoft has managed to clearly see the current trend of the gaming marketplace. In the simplest terms I can state, every consumer wants and expects more from their products. That is exactly what the Xbox One is poised to successfully achieve. It truly is the first all in one entertainment device for your living room. With incredibly high console specs, a multitude of interactive social media features, Kinect interactivity, and even cable television integration, they are truly innovating whereas other consoles are stagnating. Whether people choose to accept it or not, the future of devices is and always will be more. A perfect example of this would be the modern smartphone which currently does everything and is integral to our everyday lives. I highly doubt any person here would say "I want my phone just for calling", in the same manner current " biased" gamers are voicing their opinion of a console with no features that is "just for gaming". Regardless of the animosity certain console gamers feel, here's to a great E3 showing for The Xbox One, Wii U, and ps4.

SpitFireAce851984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

You forget that a phone is portable and does many different things web etc. Xbox one wants to replace things you all ready have cable box,computer and it's not portable like a phone.It defeats the purpose since your other devices are built to do those things much better then the X1 will ever be able to.

GenericNameHere1984d ago

Oh please, you sound like a PR guy. Your comment doesn't sound like a normal person would write in the comments section.

BABYLEG1984d ago

Better be quiet.. That's lynching talk around here

Rusty5151984d ago

Lmao I remember the big troll smile he gave when he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, introducing...Xbox One." I knew just from that grin that this thing was gonna be a piece of shit.

GodlyPanda1171984d ago

Microsoft is under so much pressure, can't wait to see what surprises they have next week!

PerryCaravello1984d ago

Don Matrick looks like a nerdy, goofy Christian Bale lol.


One4U1984d ago

NO ! he looks like a wannabe mark cerny !

JeffGUNZ1984d ago

I disagree with his thinking that they won't reveal a date and price. I think that is highly likely.