PSN Stores - Voodoo Chronicles Review

PSN Stores - Voodoo Chronicles is a hidden object game (subsequently referred to as HoG) in which you work as a detective trying to solve a supernatural murder mystery. As James Voodoo, P.I., you’ll point and click around over 40 different screens in order to find clues to further the investigation. The game was originally developed by Space Monkey International and comes to the PlayStation Network thanks to publisher Sanuk Games. Sanuk’s been publishing PSN games for quite some time, and they even brought us that minis HoG that I so highly reviewed! I can’t say Voodoo Chronicles grabbed me nearly as much as Actual Crimes, believe it or not. Though I was excited for it before its release, I found myself begrudgingly pushing forth until I got to the end. I can say that the game works (for the most part), and that if you’ve played a HoG before, you know what you’re getting into.

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