Front Towards Gamer Radio “Wednesday” Traffic Chopper, Episode 174: The Dread Pirate Gigi

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Hail, hail, the gang’s all here! No more half assed shows with only two of the three hosts: Gamergirl, Quinn and Shanghai are all “in da house” for this week’s Front Towards Gamer Radio’s “Wednesday” Traffic Report! This week on the Chopper, Shanghai mehs his way through Fuse, Quinn talks about apparently having his computer attacked during an EVE Online, while Gamergirl delights the listeners with her description of the under-the-radar release of the Good Ship Lollipop….er….the Ship of Fools….umm….The Starship Damrey! And of course, thoughts on next week’s E3, talks about Gamergirl’s surprise planned assault on Shanghai, and just how scary the Slenderman is.

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