Sony Santa Monica teases something God of War-related on Twitter

Sony Santa Monica seems to be teasing something God of War-related on its Twitter account.

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majiebeast1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Local coop competitive multiplayer patch for Acension. No god of war for PS4 at E3. Bet on it

Christopher1984d ago

Pretty much. It's some sort of Ascension update, nothing more.

dedicatedtogamers1984d ago

Local co-op would be cool, but what I'm hoping for is...

GoW on Vita. Heck, I'd even take a port of Ascension.

dp2774071984d ago

I'm gonna say the guy playing up front just executed the guy beside him god of war style because the guy up fronts repeatedly hitting the R1 button while the guy on the side is rotating the left stick. just my guess.

R3DRAIN891984d ago

Not too many games support local co-op anymore, it would be cool to see that come to GOW or whatever they are testing.

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cloud4951984d ago

New characters for PS All Stars ?

garos821984d ago

i really hope the do announce new characters for that. that game is awesome

RTheRebel1984d ago

No more GOD of War PLZZZz
Make a new IP SSM

Thatguy-3101984d ago

Yea I just want a fully new IP from these guys. If they announce something GOW related at e3 I will be pretty disappointed. It's time for something new and refreshing.

o-Sunny-o1984d ago

What about after he finished Zeus and was still alive....i want to know if he will be God of the

rajman1984d ago

As much as I'd love a new IP from them, I'd still like a GOW game...the earlier the better because it will help sell a ton of PS4's I think. They will then have plenty of time to concentrate on a new IP

pr0t0typeknuckles1984d ago

for the love of kratos please dont be another god of war,its a good series but please let it rest for 2 years, and make a new ip.

KwietStorm1984d ago

I saw the tweet and all i remember it saying was the God of War team testing something new. Doesn't mean it's God of War related.

MattyG1984d ago

I don't think they would have put "#GodofWar" in it if it wasn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.