Xbox One: 10 More Games We Want To See Announced

WC - The Xbox One has finally broken cover and the reception that it received can accurately be described as “mixed”. Chief concern among those who were less than thrilled was the fact that Microsoft did not show off all that many games with just brief glimpses of Call Of Duty:Ghosts and EA Sports new Ignite Engine failing to really get the juices flowing. Microsoft has promised that there will be around 15 exclusive titles in the first year of the Xbox One’s life, how many of these are from Microsoft Studios and how many are from them throwing wads of money at publishers remains to be seen, but what exactly would we like them to have up their sleeve?

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SexyGamerDude1961d ago

Although I'm really not leaning forwards getting a ONE it would be cool if they brought back games like Fusion Frenzy or Kung Fu Chaos. Those game were some of the best for the original Xbox.