Next Gen Consoles are Killing the Nostalgia Factor

With new details being released about XBox One and PS4, DefaultPrime's Lucas takes a stroll down memory lane in regards to nostalgic gaming actions that are going to be cut out by next gen consoles.

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isarai2049d ago

The not being able to play old games actually has me really worried. In a medium that is constantly trying to mature into a more refined and respectable artform, how exactly are the great pieces supposed to be preserved when after they stop printing, any game that will not still be sealed will be useless?. How would you feel if Zelda OoT could no longer be played due to DRM? it would be nothing but a memory and would probably be forgotten. What about collectors in the future that want to enjoy the games they grew up with? how are they going to be able to if all the games can no longer be used?. so here we are building a new artform while at the same time killing the only way to preserve it, WTF is happening to the game industry.

Wii U does not do this, and it may not happen on PS4 though things are not entirely detailed, but i just fear any great games made next gen will be lost in time because of stupid greedy publishers that only think of their wallets

Benchm4rk2049d ago

Article is forgetting to mention that you probably won't even be able to play your new console in 20 yrs cause the servers will be down. Granted they might support some old games in digital form in the future, even that has its problems. Look at the old arcade ninja turtles on xbla. Not too long ago you could download it but now ubisoft I think have pulled there rights for it or something and now you can't download it at all

Software_Lover2049d ago

I want more shooters like Contra. More well thought out and involved Tower Defense games. Think outside of the box. Im tired of FPS and scripted action sequences. I want some old school isometric shooters like Soviet Strike. Can a brother get a little Jet moto? No motorstorm, just Jet Moto revamped.

I wish Drive Club had a cop feature. Group of Cops chasing a group of racers. That would be great. Can I have Mass Effect done properly as an RPG Please.

So many things I want to see. Not every games has to be a 60.00 release.

S2Killinit2049d ago

you will see those types of games now that Sony has opened up to indie developers. These guys are the one's that don't have the money to publish a big game (by todays standards) and in the past a game such as the ones you mention would not be worth the cost to large publishers. Now though, the small developers are able to publish these kinds of games by cutting the publisher/meddle men out. So cheers mate

KwietStorm2049d ago

I think the fact that indie games are so big today, especially with PlayStation moving forward, we will see a lot of fresh and nostalgic ideas at the forefront of the industry.