Remember when the PSP sucked?

When the PlayStation Portable was announced it was thought that it would swoop in, maul the Nintendo domination with its widescreen goodness, then we would all enjoy the 3D goodness in its portable goodness. Then the badness began.

Feb 3rd, 2005 SCEA tells us the launch date and gives us the WHOPPING price of $249.00. The web laughed and many doomed the system for a DOA.

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kevoncox4776d ago

No disrespect but the psp still sucks. The thing that makes it amazing if the homebrew aspect of it. If not for the mod community the device would be practically useless. etter games are coming out for it but the main use of it is a hackers dream.

TripleTags4776d ago

good debate but this is more about the system as intended. all most people hack their systems for is to steal games. If most actually supported indie game dev. and other efforts I am sure Sony would most probably just open it up. but the bitter truth is just that, pricks that don't appreciate the people who make games enough to pay for play.

MaximusPrime4776d ago

in a year time, a similar news with title : "Remember when the PS3 sucked?"

TripleTags4776d ago

i scoured for similar articles but found none .. link me.

zapass4776d ago

the coats are turning like crazy.
funny what people come up with to disguise the fact that they got it all wrong :)

it was sooo hip to bash sony just a few months ago... within a couple months it'll be embarrassing just to admit owning a 360. A lot of bots are gonna require some serious prozac :-P

what a sweet revenge, Ken must be having a ball right now!

PS360WII4776d ago

I do. There was nothing but PS2 games coming out on it with a handful of titles that could be called true PSP games. It's gotten better though. Little by little.

Skerj4776d ago

I don't, I've always found games I wanted on the system since launch.

Silellak4776d ago

Me too. I've never understood the "PSP HAS NO GAMES LOL!!!!" argument.

But then, a portable Hot Shots Golf was enough for me for awhile.

squallsoft4776d ago

i love my psp (early adopter here) its always been the superior system in my eyes... the games are amazing. sure it doesnt have mario, but has anyone tried playing castlevania: symphony of the night streaming from thier ps3 on it? effing amazing! *heres to three more great years, PSP.... happy birthday!


TripleTags4776d ago

Try Pixeljunk Monsters via Remote Play ;)

squallsoft4776d ago

aha! i acctually played that on my lunch break at work yesterday!


PS360WII4776d ago

The new Castlevania games on the DS are very cool as well and if you're a fan and perhaps have a DS you really need to pick those up.

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The story is too old to be commented.