E3 2013: 10 Franchises That Should Be Announced As LEGO Games


"Similar to last year, we’ve compiled a list of games and franchises that we’d love to see made as Lego games. With the widely successful Stars Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean additions, it goes to show that nearly any franchise can benefit from the Lego treatment.

Without further ado, here are our choices for Lego games that should be announced at E3 2013."

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Relientk772975d ago

Lego Jurassic Park and X-men

make it happen

BadCircuit2975d ago

Lego Jurassic Park would be hilarious!

Relientk772975d ago

Agree, I could see that being good lol

3-4-52974d ago

We need a real legit Jurassic Park game first...

BadCircuit2975d ago

I would love some of those games in lego.

gaminoz2975d ago

Lego zombies!! Only thing missing in zombidom!!!

BadCircuit2975d ago

Why not...every genre needs a zombie.

gaminoz2975d ago

I'd still like the lego Game of Thrones!

Kran2975d ago

Brace yourselves...

A lot of hope is coming...

DeusExer2975d ago

Lego X-Men would be boss.

ironfist922974d ago


Lego Transformers would be neat

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The story is too old to be commented.