Polygon’s Review: Are We Overreacting?

There was an absolute uproar across the internet after the mediocre score for The Last of Us was announced. People were fighting tooth and nail for an explanation at the review.

But is everything really as it seems? Or was this just an innocent reviewer caught in the flak of rabbid, perfectionist gamers?

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Relientk771963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

The Last of Us has a Metacritic score of 96%

75% is WAY below the average

so no

nolander641963d ago

I realize that, but isn't it possible that his opinion is genuine? And even if it isn't, you can't base your entire review on what Metacritic is giving a game.

PSVita1963d ago

If you read the review it's oblivious that he simple wants to be a contra. The game has huge praise and tons of interest when it's not even released yet. So instead of falling into the pool of 10/10s and never getting noticed, they play the devils advocate. Doesn't help they get money from MS either.

Bimkoblerutso1963d ago

It may or may not be genuine. The point here is that everyone complaining has not played through the game yet, so they are, ironically, being just as biased as the reviewer may or may not be.

Conzul1963d ago

Who cares if his opinion is genuine? His opinion is stupid.

majiebeast1963d ago

Have you seen his video review. He blames the game for his terrible aim. Then says its a con that the game made him feel like he was a bad person. The fact that a game had that effect on him, is insane and shows how good the emotions in the game are and should never be seen as a con.

Also this new spin piece they did for Microsoft just now.

These guys are a Microsoft mouth piece and should never be taken serious.

kingmushroom1963d ago

Even if hes opinion is genuine a 7.5 feels like it docent match an 8 would have been reasonable.

MikeMyers1963d ago

Overreacting? N4G? Not possible.

People need to calm down, who cares if one review is lower, does it really bother you?

The fact is negativity sells. People crave it, people relish in it, people wait for it, people swarm all over it. The Last of Us looks to be one of the best games this year and perhaps one of the best this generation. Who cares about a site or a few sites who give it lower than average scores. I doubt anyone here had anything to do with creating the game, so why take it personal?

Gaming1011963d ago

People just don't get it. Whether it's your "opinion" that a game is good or not is one thing, trolling for hits like smaller website usually do to get attention is another. The review was not even the slightest bit genuine. It was not even the slightest bit objective. Whether it's your opinion as to whether metacritic is reliable or not is irrelevant as well, since the publishers seem to think it is, and dole out quality bonuses based on metacritic scores to developers.

Reviews should not be boiled down to whether the reviewer is a cynical, trolling a-hole who hates everything and just wants attention. We all know those people and they're like the boil on the proverbial ass of the internet.

People actually use review scores to determine whether they should spend 60 bucks on something. People use previews, reviews, gamer reviews and critic reviews alike. It's all news, because people want to be informed. If you're not informing yourself, you're basing your purchasing decisions based on the box art, the title of the game, and whatever marketing drivel is written on the back of the box. We all laugh at that person, yet that is the person you are telling someone to be when you say "Don't bother with reviews or previews, or anything written about a game", because that's what metacritic is. If you base your buying decisions on what your friends like, you're probably just a Call of Duty player, playing something just because your friends play it, and I hardly have any respect for those people either.

guitarded771963d ago

I'm sick of this word "opinion" being used as a defense of a poor review. The primary criteria for a review is technical performance, gameplay and story. Now you can have an opinion on story, but any reviewer wroth a damn can objectively tell if a story is good or not, regardless of whether or not they "like" it.

As for gameplay, it's a matter of 1. do the controls function the way the developer intended them to? Can adjustments be made to make the character(s) control better for me as a player? Can the story of the game be conveyed to the player without distraction from poor controls? Etc... This is not a matter of "opinion", or at the most, a slight deduction based on "opinion".

Technical performance is very black/white... Does the game perform well, does it glitch, does it run at a steady frame rate, is the AI good, how is the game visually? This is what a review is. It's not some lameasse's "opinion". It is a critical look at an interactive piece of art/story. A good reviewer looks past their personal preference and recognizes the quality of the work as a whole.

safsaan1963d ago

exactly, meta critic gave the uncharted squeals very high averages but i personally did not like the games, so if i were to write the reviews on a big site i would get the same hate. its all a matter of opinion and all of us have a different one.

The_Con-Sept1963d ago

I think they gave the game to someone who isn't a fan of the genre when it comes to story telling. Like a COD fan at a magic the gathering meet.

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Derekvinyard131963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

The game has over a million pre orders, when it releases there's gonna be at least ONE person who doesn't like it

LAWSON721963d ago

The reviewer did not say he did not like it. A 7.5 pretty much means I enjoyed a game but some things ruined the experience.

Corpser1963d ago

Forza Horizon has metacritic score of 8.5

The same reviewer gave it 6/10

That's a bigger deviation than TLOU


cell9891963d ago

so then they go ang give Remember me a 9?

Eiffel1963d ago


Are 9's 8's now? When did that happen?

Tody_ZA1963d ago

I commented on this in another N4G article, so I'll just repeat more or less the same thing here since it's a discussion about it:

What I dislike most about Polygon's review, being a game reviewer myself, is that I can't determine the score from reading the review.

I read the review twice, and I do not understand how 7.5 was gotten to.

Not to be a downer, but for me that always makes me feel like I just read a badly written review. If he wants to score the game 7.5, that's fine, everyone should be entitled to their verdict, but having that right, you have the responsibility to justify it with clear detail. The reviewer failed to do that.

It's another reason I very much dislike number scores. The sheer level of inconsistency. Especially with those breakdowns.

I can't remember which review of The Last Of Us I read, but it scored "Lasting Appeal" with an 8.5 despite the game being a third person shooter that can gives you 17 hours of game time, plus a multiplayer experience.

I'll never understand some number scores.

nycgamer4ever1963d ago

The reason for this is they have editors who read the review and then choose a score based on what they read. The ones who pick the score isn't even the one who actually played the game. Now how the hell does that make any sense?! For those saying its just one person with a low score, it isnt about the score. Its thr fact that this way of reviewing a game is not an accurate way to do it and does not hold the reviewer accountable for their score. Imo there is no place on N4G for these reviews. God knows there is enough crap on this site.

Whats moreis that this site is known for temp banning people who voice their opinions if they don't match theirs.

Some idiot from their site also goes on twitter and calls out fanboys and calls people wierdos.

Totally retarded scoring system and totally unprofessional. Just another site we could do without.

All this before we even mention about alleged monies paid by MS for some crap documentary. They been a mouthpiece defending MS ever since that disasterous reveal.

I couldn't care less about their site or score since I have the post pandemic edition preordered and nothing is going to change that but please can we get rid of these crap sites.

chronoforce1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

polygon put up their grading criteria for all to see, in the 7 range its says the game in question doesn't quote from polygon's website "do much with their concepts, or they have interesting concepts but don't do much with their mechanics. They can be recommended with several caveats." before people jump to the defence of TLOU they should understand it was said in the review the game had interesting concepts, but doesn't to anything interesting with the mechanics and remains very conventional

having read the review, it seems based on their own criteria it should have got an 8.

Xandet1963d ago

It shouldn't matter at this point. The whole purpose of game reviews to those who read them are to gauge whether or not said game warrants a purchase from them. One review, be it genuine or biased, shouldn't impact any competent gamer who visits multiple gaming websites or the likes of GameRankings/Metacritic. TLoU is rocking a 96% for a reason and anyone who deserves to play the game will realize it is damn well worth their money.

aquamala1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

of course people are overreacting, they haven't even played the game!

OrangePowerz1963d ago

60 other reviews have 25-30 of those gave it 10/10 including Edge and Eurogamer that usually don't give those that easy.

GribbleGrunger1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

An MS funded gaming site gives TLOU the lowest score there is on Metacritic ... YOU decide.

@GDDR6_2014: Like I said, you decide. You clearly have and that's perfectly fine. I've just presented the facts here, nothing more.

GDDR6_20141963d ago

How did they manage to stay "MS funded" after giving Forza Horizon 6/10?

1963d ago
Gimmemorebubblez1963d ago

MS gave Polygon 700k to kickstart something -Fact

Veneno1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

It's one of 3 things:

1 Polygon are Sony haters and Microsoft slaves ( most likely explanation)

2 They are simply looking for hits by being contrarian.

3 Polygon isn't skilled or intelligent enough to properly review a game and don't realize greatness when they see it. In which case they don't belong in reviewing games.

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KillrateOmega1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

They're funded by MS, so naturally one would expect them to be a little biased. And they are, it reflects in their scores for PS-exclusives such Ni no Kuni, and now, The Last of Us.

So, no, I do not think we are overreacting. They come off as biased and anyone who has taken a journalism course knows that being biased is a massive no-no. They basically beat it out of you in school. It's a matter of journalistic integrity.

"...what does a Microsoft-supported site stand to gain from abandoning their code of ethics, just to write an unfavorable review on a competitor’s exclusive videogame?"

The better question is what do they have to lose? The answer is a source of revenue. You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

"In the end, he makes it apparent that he enjoyed playing the game, but there were just issues he had with it. It’s also worth noting that 7.5 isn’t even necessarily a bad score. It’s just… well, it’s just not perfect."

He makes it clear that he was nitpicking when he was listing the negatives. Is 'nitpicking' really enough to give a game a 7.5 (The same score given to RE: revelations, a game that was a widely accepted disappointment.)?

nolander641963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Sorry, but I just have a really hard time believing that Microsoft would cut ties with a website because they gave a Sony-exclusive a good score. Giving it an average review won't sway anybody from buying it, and Microsoft would do nothing but jeopardize the website's credibility by forcing them to fudge scores.

KillrateOmega1963d ago

"Sorry, but I just have a really hard time believing that Microsoft would cut ties with a website because they gave a Sony-exclusive a good score."

If you were Polygon's shoes, would you be willing to try that?

It's easy for you to say that, you're not the one at risk of losing money.

GDDR6_20141963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )


They gave plenty of Sony exclusives good scores already , guacamelee, LBP Vita, Journey, P4G golden

And their scores of ms exclusives Kinect Star Wars, forza horizon, fable are all well below metacritic averages

Derekvinyard131963d ago

Forza horizon - 6/10

That's one hell of a payoff

Corpser1963d ago

The same reviewer gave persona 4 golden and journey 10/10, so what's the conspiracy again?

KillrateOmega1963d ago

Hm. On second thought, after reading several of the replies to my comment, I may have been a bit unfair with my original opinion of Polygon.

coolbeans1963d ago

It certainly takes good character to admit when you've overreacted. For that, you deserve some respect.

oof461963d ago

Microsoft sponsors a feature "The Human Angle", not the whole website. You can see the internet explorer icon on every sponsored article.

Even Jason Rubenstein, who openly complained on twitter about the score, dismissed the "Microsoft is paying Polygon for bad ps3 reviews" argument.

But, let's dig deeper into your argument. First score is the polygon score, second score is the metacritic average, and the third score is the lowest metacritic rating, just to show the breadth of scores. It was too much of a headache to do conversions, so just know that each score is either out of 10 or out of 100.
Guacamelee: 9.0/84/6.0
MLB 13 The Show: 8.5/87/6.0
God of War: Ascension: 7.0/80/7.0
Papo & Yo: 6.5/72/40
Soul Sacrifice: 6.5/77/40
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time: 6.0/75/60
LittleBigPlanet Karting: 7.0/73/40
Ni No Kuni: 6.5/85/50
Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault: 6.0/63/45
Tokyo Jungle: 8.0/74/30
LittleBigPlanet Vita: 9.0/88/70
Sound Shapes: 9.0/84/60
Dyad: 9.0/82/60
Journey 10/92/40

Polygon rated 6 playstation exclusive games higher than the average review and 8 games lower than the average score. However, of those 8, 3 were within 5 or .5 points of the average which leaves, 6 rated higher than the average and 5 rated lower than the average.

Let's try Xbox exclusives:

Battleblock Theater: 8.5/85/60
Gears of War: Judgement: 8.0/79/60
Halo 4: 9.5/87/20
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: 7.0/88/45
Dance Central 3: 9.5/86/70
Forza Horizon: 6.0/85/6.0
Fable: The Journey: 4.5/61/30
Steel Battalion: 1.0/38/.06
Blood Forge: 2.0/42/2.0
Minecraft: 7.0/82/55
Trials Evolution: 9.0/90/8.0
Fez: 8.0/89/70
Alan Wake's American Nightmare: 7.0/76/50
South Park: Tenorman's Revenge: 3.0/52/20

4 Xbox exclusive games were rated higher or on par with the metacritic average. 8 were rated lower. Using the 5/.5 difference makes no difference because of how much lower Polygon scored the games than the average. Oh, while Polygon has the lowest score on 1 ps3 exclusive, it has the lowest score on 3 Xbox 360 exclusives.

So, the hubbub is the fact that they rated a highly anticipated game lower than the norm. Well, it was the reviewers opinion.

P.S: You threw in a quip about Polygon giving Resident Evil: Revelations a 7.5 and that the game was widely accepted as a disappointment? RE:R's metacritic average is a 75, with 9 review sites giving it a higher score than Polygon's.

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SexyGamerDude1963d ago

One person didn't like the game, oh well. Everyone has an opinion. I'm not going to sit here and cry just because he shared his.

I'm still going to buy the game and play it no matter what he thinks.

But here's a life lesson guys: You can't please everybody.

Sandmano1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

You see thats the problem with reviews for big games theres always one black sheep that fishes for hits theres no way the last of us is a 7.5.

Another things about these reviews is that the people that review the games SHOULD at least be remotely interested in the genres you can get an Android game fan to review say an RTS theres no way they would appreciate the game.

It dosnt matter for me anyway its one persons opnion all reviewers could have gave the game a 0 it wouldnt sway me from buying TLOU.

matrixman921963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

in the real world, 7.5 is a good score. Just the fanboys freaking out if a game doesnt get a 9+

TKCMuzzer1963d ago

In the real world judging by their score it is worse than many other games they have reviewed. Some of the other games that have scored higher many of us have played and know that the Last Of Us can't be worse than them, crikey even the demo was better than many so called 7.5 games I have played.

cell9891963d ago

in the real world Remember Me should never score higher than The Last Of Us