The Elder Scrolls Online Free To Play MMO?

Everyone is waiting to hear some news out of E3 about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online game. The upcoming title is going to be hitting the market when other MMO’s have switched over to the completely free-to-play model or at the very least buy to play. The subscription MMO is just not something that usually goes well, and really hasn’t, for the past couple of years. Will The Elder Scrolls Online free-to-play MMO become a reality or a dying wish?

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Qrphe1962d ago

High-budget paid MMOs don't work anymore specially not in the West. They'd go the way of SWToR if they don't go f2p.

despair1961d ago

Somebody should tell SquareEnix that.

zeal0us1962d ago

I would rather it be B2P or P2P to be honest. F2P can easily get filled up with gold spammers, glitchers, and or bots. Theres nothing stopping these types of players from making a new account either. They can just reset the IPs and make a new account. Seen it happen in previous F2P games. If not kept in check over time it can ruin the game for others.

Adronicus1962d ago

I'm not sure P2P is done. If the game appeals to the right market, this can be a big hit.

Fat-Milkers1961d ago

This game will be a colossal let down. Kids will buy it expecting Skyrim fidelity and polish. MMO enthusiasts will finish it and complain about lack of end game and progression.Everyone else will enjoy the PvP for 10 minutes and the earth will orbit the sun.
Everyone knows MMO enthusiasts will obliterate through the content then resub to WoW. If this game isn't free to play at launch it will be in 4 months time.The MMO cycle of failure will happen all over again with the next super awesome MMO after this one and the next one and so on...

Adronicus1961d ago

Will it deliver an RvR experience that is good.? If it does, that niche market will continue to subscribe.

One thing that is important is population. If the population gets too small too quickly, then the avid RvR players won't play it for long.

Drabent1961d ago

Everyone try FFXIV ARR open beta in july-_-

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