Portal 2 In Motion: Free Co-op Campaign Out Today

PS Blog - Last December, you voted Portal 2 In Motion the Best Use of PlayStation Move. Sixense is grateful for your support. But we have been hearing one question from you: “Where’s co-op?”

As a “thank you” from Sixense to the PS3 community, all owners of the Portal 2 In Motion DLC will receive Non-Emotional Manipulation, an all-new co-op campaign specifically designed for Playstation Move, for free. We are deploying the patch today via PSN, so if you own the Portal 2 In Motion DLC you’ll get this new co-op content for free, automatically.

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Blackdeath_6632013d ago

they should create a portal spin off built from the ground up with ps-move in mind because the amount of creative puzzles possible with it is endless. puzzle games are underrated really hope the witness is as good as it looks and sounds

Numa2013d ago

Finished download.
In Motion and Little Big Planet are the best use of PS move.
Motion control has to be more intelligent.