Final Fantasy VIII: Liberi Fatali Decoded

You only THOUGHT you knew the real words.

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vishmarx1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

awesome music best opening track in any ff ....
but loool

Black-Helghast1986d ago

Oh my God nostalgia just slapped me like a bitch. This is my favorite opening of any FF ever. One of my best childhood games ever.. but this is hilarious. "Dubstep. Oh no!" Cracked me up lmfao, they saw the future.

stragomccloud1986d ago

I still think that the FFVIII intro is the best intro ever.

CryofSilence1986d ago

Haha. That was pretty funny. It's actually an anagram for "Succession of Witches" and "Love." fithos lusec wecos vinosec

Heavenly King1986d ago

Now this is a great FF game, not the original crap of XIII; which I have to admit is getting better but still, no FF compares to the epicness of VII and VIII.

illtornworld1986d ago

lmao thats frikn hilarious. beanostick.

Magnus1986d ago

Its funny lol I hope SquareEnix do an HD remake of this game still one of my favorite Final Fantasies ever.

johny51986d ago

fucking hilarious!!! lol